EASY Chess Opening

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  1. I watched this video as I was watching another gotham video on my tv lmao

  2. Why isn't it called the egypt system.

  3. Please youtune PLEASE i dislike all of his shorts i dont wanna see them anymore

  4. my friend said you cant castle when using "london system" is that right?

  5. Idk why but im not comfortable with black Pawn C4

  6. Why are things in Chess named after a country "London systwm" "The italian game"

  7. London system has a pyramid of pawns because it was the only thing the English couldn't take back on boats from Egypt.

  8. POV the enemy does something different and you have no script

  9. my classmate tried this opening on me i broke it in a few moves 😂

  10. I tried that until the other side ended up playing from the rook side 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  11. Too many names of moves. Can't remember that

  12. Bishop: ah yes, time to chill in the pawn pyramid.

  13. Gotham do you still participate in chess tournaments?

  14. Won a game in the 30 secs using this on my first try 😂

  15. I don't know why this isn't called The Egypt's gambit or something

  16. Don’t castle, start pushing the h pawn

  17. Would love to see more instructive videos from you like this. Thanks

  18. 🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨

  19. The real london system is stabbing your enemy

  20. Me coming prepared, my opponent plays a different move. I lose. Everytime

  21. Top chess the white king use it

  22. Mf played c5 on second move, what should I do?

  23. Yeah but you could fork the bishop and knight in 3 movea

  24. But I don't… I… I'm don't…

    I don't live in London.

  25. Pov:opponent moves a diffrent move
    Me:Yo that was not in the scrtipt

  26. Why would you teach people the London system? All it does is create draws….

  27. После тех же ходов но с слоном на g5 получается атака торре который я сейчас активно изучаю

  28. “The bishop gets nice and cozy”
    – GothamChess

  29. Black king in top chess : it's the pyramid opening

  30. This is my favorite system because you can easily capture their pieces while protecting yours.

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