EASY Chess Opening

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  1. That's my favorite opening but sometimes I don't finish the pyramid with c3, I use knight c3

  2. Oh yes, the opening that not a single grandmaster will ever use in play (except Ding)

  3. a4 e5 c8 d1 f6 g2 ….. Blah blah blah!! Destroyed a 200 elo in seconds!

  4. My daughter and I love this video especially the line about the “bishop getting nice and cozy.” We laughed half to death. Thanks for putting together a great great video.

  5. “30 second chess lesson”
    Meanwhile the short is only 22 seconds long

  6. + we can do kings indian but we control less squares by the kings bishop

  7. I move queens pawn, opponent move King’s pawn, i roast Levy

  8. Ok after that you will need to wait until the oppenent does something because your pawns are strong pieces you can move sucks

  9. And then that one dude stream snipes Gotham and takes away every single one of his pieces while he tries to pre move this opening 🙂

  10. What does it mean, “so your bishop doesn’t get locked inside”?

  11. Pyramid of pawns is good for like 600 elo chess and lower

  12. I remember this 'cause the White King in Top chess always plays it😅

  13. What if the black pawn goes to c4?

  14. "The London System": 🙅‍♀️
    "The Pyramid Opening": 😁

  15. After your bishop is in a nice snug position and he moves the pawn to C4 what is the best next move?

  16. I've always had this question ⁉️
    In "the London system "you make a pyramid so why is it London system not Giza system 😂😂

  17. A pyramid and a castle? Now that's a powerful kingdom

  18. I actually play that a lot and I didn't even know it was a thing but I was pretty sure it was since it was effective and there's no way no one ever did it before me.

  19. andrea botez has been quite since this dropped

  20. The London system is gay. Just play the Vienna Gambit instead.

  21. Thanks for burning our house down levy.. Now im facing this underpants opening 69x more frequently

  22. I renamed it to the holy crusade because it's a church with a bishop surrounded by knights 🙂 I also renamed the Sicilian dragon to the black dragon because it's played with black pieces and sounds cool 😎

  23. instructions unclear, after that i got checkmated in 5

  24. No stupid, don't believe this guy! It's not london system, it's egypt system! Cuz there is a pyramid!

  25. God damn British people just won't stop capturing the lands again.

  26. Having a game with my dad in a few minutes,let’s try this out

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