EASY Chess Opening

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  1. This is called the accelerated London isnt it?

  2. İ saw this video and ı went to try this and my oppenent got pawn fork and he left the game

  3. I be accidentally playing openings like once I played the Queen‘s gambit and I didn’t even know I played it and another time I played the London and I didn’t even know I played it I am I don’t OK. I don’t know what I don’t know what I’m doing whenever I do that I guess I’m just making the right move So yay.

  4. I recognized this! A year ago, I was telling myself, "I don't want to dwell on openings and defenses, memorizing names and moves."

    I still don't want to get caught up in knowing all these different approaches. Yet, having been introduced to a few systems to this point, I see the value of grasping a system that appeals to me so I can conduct a decent opening and start to "play chess." You can tell I'm not at the Intermediate level yet – but I'm working on it!


  6. I am able to defeat intermediate bot every time thank you

  7. I like the Piano game: Giuoco Pianissimo variation

  8. I call it the London scammer

  9. It's the longon system OR I call it the *PYRAMID*

  10. But what if they don’t contest pawns and use a knight

  11. What ever you do DONT premove this opening if u wanna win

  12. How about showing videos that explain thought processes and not rehearsed moves.

  13. New Gambit invented: Only Play King Gambit with 100% of winning

  14. Sorry Levy, i lost focus. You gotta make it a rap dude.

  15. Ty bro i was a beginner of chess😃👍

  16. What are some other good openings against E4? The Londons all I know

  17. Bro put the Bishop on the f4 but he said e3☠️

  18. Dude, I don't care how many big youtubers tell me to play the london, I'm sticking to the vienna and the fried liver. I've watched way too many chess slander videos and my opinion of the london has been ruined

  19. my friend told me this he said he saw it in a yt video

  20. But how do i punish pawn to c4 attacking the bishop?

  21. Very nice. I honestly think i struggle playing lower ELO chess. Players try the fools mate on me consistently and i get bored playing it safe and defending it the right way so i try new things… id like to play people who dont just watch videos on how to win chess games in less than 8 moves or w.e and try to get better at all areas of the game.

  22. Now you know how to pla…..*snoring noises*

  23. Opponent: plays Differently
    Me: Okay, i'm done

  24. True🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  25. What if they attack our bishop how to defend

  26. God damn now everyone’s gonna be playing the London

  27. DARN IT. The one course I take he has a video on

  28. DARN IT. The one course I take he has a video on

  29. Nice I'm ready to use this in every chess game for the rest of my life

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