Easily 3 Star Chess Queen’s Gambit Challenge (Clash of Clans)

3 Star Attack Strategy for the Chess Queens Challenge in Clash of Clans. Judo Sloth Gaming explains the New Event Attack and demonstrates an easy method to beat it. This CoC Challenge was designed by Trample Damage and utilises multiple Recall spells to redirect your Queen around the Chess Scenery – which will be available soon. Thank you for using code judo before purchases to support the channel. Embark on a comedic journey into the surreal world of skibidi toilet. Uncover the origins of the viral sensation, dissect each episode’s plot intricacies, and stay updated on the latest toilet-headed antics that have transformed Skibidi Toilet into a digital phenomenon. Immerse yourself in the whimsical universe of toilet monsters and cameramen warfare!

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  1. How to beat TH13/14 use only with fire dragon 🙏

  2. D4 queen with 4 healer then A4 move queen diagonally then E4 queen with poison spell then G2 queen then move G7 with queen then to C7 with all the remaining spells and troops it will be like moving queen in chess board

  3. Hi judo,
    Please I really want you to make a video concerning the tournament hub in clash of clans

  4. I completed it with 35 secs to spare ! I just came here how he did it !

  5. Thank you thank you I got 3 stars and almost did the exact same thing

  6. But this one was easy I was able to do it without your help which didn’t happen for a long time

  7. Thanks Judo all your tutorials saves me a lot of time 😘❤

  8. Hello judo would you please be kind to look at my bh base and help out in it

  9. Thank you for doing this so I don't have to

  10. Nc, Straight to the point content, Love it ❤

  11. U r the hero i love your coc videos u have the best physque of creating content love u and support from a random subscriber

  12. Thanks for all the help Judo. I made sure to enter your code before my purchases 👍

  13. Master judo do you have a ways to recover an email for my COC?😅

  14. Judo take video to how should I take my acc back I got scammed and super cell is not helping me its telling me recovery codes but I don't have it how can I take it back 😢😢😢

  15. Beat the tutorial, with all 3 super archers alive, also swagged two spells. 😅😊😂

  16. 3 stars base with goblins and wall breaker and Lightning spells

  17. When new challenges come out we know where to head and watch the video 😎

  18. Thank you bro, my mission is complete. 👍

  19. Hello, I’m just wondering if you would be able to help.

    I’ve had an th15 account hacked and stolen. Is there anyway of getting it back, or is it lost for good 😭

    They hacked my email and change the Supercell ID and phone number to there own and it’s got account protection on.

  20. I did it myself this time without watching the video yet I came to watch it. Watching you, my friend, has apparently developed my thinking and strategies in COC so thank you so much💙

  21. Idk why but I don't have this challenge, I got the kings but not the queens

  22. This is one of the easiest challenge ever. !

  23. This new skin is amazing NGL i like chess theme too bad the devs didn't put too much efforts for effects (like the spawn troops effect) but the way they look is amazing

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