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  1. Imagine getting killed because of an chess game 😂😂😂
    she has skill issue for relying on life support 💀💀


  3. 77.GxLS (??)

    There was only one move there that worked. This permits your opponent to fork your Life and your Will.

    78.CTxG (!!)

    This move allows a fork on your opponents life and their will. Even I didn’t see this move, brilliant!

  4. He got so mated he decided to sacrifice "his grandma"

  5. Took her dentures and threw them at a todler
    Unplugged her life support
    Resigned from life
    NO WAY

  6. The brilliant move by unplugging her life support concludes everything

  7. Double check from the king and knight, man that black king doing work all the way in the corner

  8. And she sacrifices her lifeeereeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. He slapped grandma and dentures went flying out then she turned around with a hook to his jaw but he dodged it, unplugged her life support with a low kick and she froze and fell over.

  10. And he sacrificed……..HIS GRANDMAAAAAA

  11. Having the same condition in which my grandmother might die this month . I think its time to play chess with her . 💀💀💀

  12. Did you mate her after unplugging the life support

  13. Bro you could have just killed the khight with pawns instead

  14. His mom: Why is her heart beat not beating?
    Him: She is just asleep and the life support plug got plugged off by itself

  15. That's checkmate in 1 move that you could've used at the beginning props for holding out that long without using the grandma gambit

  16. Nah, you missed mate, you need to resign from life too

  17. It was a forced grandma sacrifice 💀💀

  18. Grandma had stockfish hidden in her dentures, she had it coming

  19. Bro played the Canadian medical system variation

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