Dirty Chess Tricks 13 (Lewis Gambit)

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  1. At 8:07 white can be the one losing a piece not black if he plays 7. Qd5+ or Qc4+, Be6, 8. Ng5+ Qxg5 BAM! Then you have to trade down to endgame to not lose a piece. 9. Qxe6+, Kxe6. 10. Bxg5.

  2. What happen if i choose to sacrifice the bishop and white king has no choice but to accept.

  3. Sir at 8.04 sec if queen capture the knight and go for queen exchange ?

  4. I wanna say BAAAM! like this guys one day. Lol. Your lines are worth trying out. Not too bizaar

  5. Dirty Chess Tricks 13: "Go watch my other Dirty Chess Tricks videos"

  6. You are a genius…. You are the best. You have helped me improve very much. I would love to see you play

  7. what an evil villain laughter this guy has!

  8. Sir can we play this gambit in serious tournaments?

  9. In this show it seems that the black is sacrificed by you, it clear than the black steps were fassive, no step anticipated attack occurred by the black. Anyway I would thank to you GJ, Go on….GJ I follow you.

  10. Can someone please clarify, at 10:38 of the video, how is White Nxd5 a 'complete demolition job'? Why cant black respond with cxd5?

  11. U r game anylasis is so strong with gambite

  12. Just watch 5,6,7,8,9…… means all episode to cover this.

  13. The black queen is covering h5 preventing mate from that square @6:33 & why didn't the black king just capture the undefended black knight just a few moves prior @6:07?

  14. Some of the moves are not explained. For example didn't understand the Nxp move where gunjan says complete demolition job. It seems he loses a piece for nothing. Again in the dancing of the king why does the king not take the knight in his path?

  15. Please tell me what offline software you use in this presentation. thank you and I look forward to your response!

  16. What if black plays queen to F6??????

  17. the only bad thing is that you have to play as white to do any of these tricks

  18. nice tricks improved my knowledge in chess ty sir

  19. At 10.23 how can be knight to D5 is a good move? Black wil capture it with pawn.

  20. Even your English errors are cool. love your style of communication.

  21. It's it the same guy from chess talk? …. and the sweetie is gone

  22. At 6.07 why black will not captured white's horse??

  23. It's a bit frustrating when a video keeps telling you to go to other videos.

  24. Knight captures d5. c6xd5.???? Cannot figure it out how it is complete demolition?

  25. AMATEUR CHESS PLAYER CHALLENGE! Let me put one of YOUR games on my channel. Click and find out how.

  26. I dont understand how 10:34 is a good position for white.. Black can capture with his pawn and after white captures with his queen, black can take with his Knight and after bishop takes the back queen it can be captured by the rook. Black ends up with a minor peice advantage

  27. After the Knight moved to G4, the king can capture the Knight. It’s at 6:08.


  29. Why is knight to d5 a complete demolition job at 10:36? Surely pawn takes knight and all is ok for black?

  30. At 10.32 after white plays Nxd5 then what happens if cxd5? Looks like loosing a piece.

  31. At 10.37 what happens if black plays cxd5?

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