Cram the Caro-Kann Defence, Part 1 | Chess Openings Explained

National Master Julian Proleiko teaches you lines from 1.e4 c6. This is part of a series of lectures where Julian deals with a complex where Black puts his pawns on d5 and c6. Study along with Julian:

Teimour Radjabov vs Ivan Cheparinov, Baku Grand Prix (2008): B10 Caro-Kann, closed (Breyer) variation


  1. Thanks for these videos! Out of all of the caro-kann videos I've seen, these are the best.

  2. Could you take a look at the ML with 11. Ld2 Sbd7 12 000 Ld6!? This breathes new life into the 11. Ld2 ML for Black.

  3. Shame that the accelerated Panov isn't covered (1. e4 c6 2. c4) but understandable given the time.

  4. I haven't watch the video yet but thank you SO SO much for covering the caro-kann!!!! =D

  5. OK apparently you’re trying to teach us about the however I’m not sure what you’re doing in the first part here because you’re talking about non main variants in your first 10 minute lecture on this???

  6. Thanks a lot…by the way, are you still going to cover the second part of the a6 slav any time soon or the job is already done on that specific opening?

  7. Great lesson but trying use Caro Kann as black the board should be flipped so you could understand the black moves…

  8. A bouquet of flowers for you! ….. can you please Mr, give me the link of the previous your video?

  9. Can you play Nf3 at 18:43 for a pin and you're attacking the bishop?

  10. What's the point in 'cramming' a bunch of variations into a video? I might as well have played around with the opening explorer. (Would have been more beneficial because you can take your time) – Here the explanations aren't deep or memorable. "You have two choices, move A. This prevents that, or move B. This provokes that." – Doesn't explain much further than that superficial reasoning behind moves. – And that matters if my opponent still has 29 minutes left their clock to punish me for playing a move and not knowing the long term ramifications of the move I played on move "6".

    Most of these positions are explained only with the plans and ideas from blacks perspective. He's been omitting whites plans and ideas many times in these variations. – I need to be able to play this from both sides if I want to be good at it right? I'm only hearing half of the story then.

    I'll caveat that with, he DOES give warnings for black…
    "Don't play this move, it's bad for black, possibly just winning for white." – How? Why? Explain how white would be 'winning' please. Lets hear the plan he can execute that black cannot stop. – just another byproduct of covering information with haste. – Oh wait, we're already in the next variation….

    I feel like I'll be saying, "What was the theory here?" in a months time. – Because there wasn't anything of weight or great detail shared.

    (never used a metal detector) I feel like: Captain shoves a metal detector in my hands, "watch out! there's mines in this field! Don't get blown up! I'll cya on the other side!" "Captain runs off to safety, and I'm stood there dumbfounded with a metal detector. Mean while, bullets are being fired at me. (Clock ticking)

    Rename the video, "Cram the Caro-Kann Defence, Part 1 Chess openings rushed through"

  11. This guy looks like Mike Kummer's young brother.

  12. Anyone else watching because they play the caro kann?

  13. Julian, last week i almost beat the GM Twan Burg(my rating is 2100) with your Be6 idea against the panov. Thank you very much for your video's on the subject.

  14. i got a draw but that was my mistake…:)

  15. This is a great help to me. Thank you too the presenter. Very clear and good intro to this opening

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