Come Play Chess We Have…




  1. Just wait 'till you hear about A L C A T R A Z C H E C K M A T E

  2. 0:52 "How can the king expect people to follow if he doesn't lead?"

  3. I learnt more from this video than by playing

  4. The ICBM opening legit made me learn chess just so i can play it 💀

  5. How to play chess:

    1) First, give your king luft. You don't want to get back rank checkmated.
    3) If the opposing king does not meet you for an honorable duel, the fellow has a streak of yellow down his royal back.
    4) ???? The Kings can't actually touch each other.
    5) PROFIT

  6. Still cant belive schlatt fell for the quickest mate

  7. Funny story when I was new to chess i would ALWAYS play the great wall of china
    I was like "Look my pawn structure is so hard to attack !"

  8. Funny how icbm started as a meme but became a real thing

  9. We have spell chess now. Do a video on that

  10. The great wall of china is what me & my lil bro used to do when we were kids. We also came up with one more thing, we both would push all our pawns two tiles ahead without killing any, creating what we call "The Wall of Fire" as it is a damn chaotic thing to do after all.

  11. As an ex chess club captain, this is perfect material

  12. The two kings coming out reminds me of how leaders would duel eachother to spare the lives of their soldiers from battle

  13. It is so funny that horses are the only thing that can break trough the great wall of China.

  14. Samsung Notification sound got me dead😭😭

  15. Chess players still waiting for chess 2.0 version 1 to come out

  16. i dont get the fishing pole, black loses queen

  17. yes the great wall of china my favorite tactic when I was a kid a strategy I won't forget even if I obviously lost once all my pawn got eaten 😂

  18. Queen's Gambit and the Englund Gambit are more reasons to come play chess.

  19. Intercontinental ballistic missle is so op💀

  20. I think overplayed trap must be scholars mate

  21. Watching this banger video raised my ELO by 3 whole points 🔥🔥🦀🦀

  22. ICBM is my favourite opening of all time.

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