Chess Openings Tier List for Beginners | Part 1

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00:00 – Intro
00:50 – French Defense
05:14 – Bird Opening
09:50 – Caro-Kann Defense
15:09 – King’s Indian Attack

This is the first video of an opening series where the goal is to ultimately create a tier list for the best chess openings to recommend to a beginner. In the next video, I will be trying out some new openings!

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  1. What’s the opening she plays?

  2. 1850-1900 =Romantic chess era
    1900-1990 Golden era of chess
    1991 to 2016-Rising stars
    2017-present -Bongcloud era😂

  3. I always play 1.c4 cos the opponent will have to waste a move to defuse the explosive giving me a tempo

  4. Oh yay a bunch of openings for me to keep losing to 🙂

  5. French is great, even though you are black u keep attacking and white have to defend his position. I love it, I was losing too many games as black and since I started to play french everything has changed.

    Also english is great, like I'm beginner and at this level nobody know how to play against it and u don't have much theory – u only have to know that first move is c4 and then u fianchetto bishop and everything is fine.

    Dutch is also great, but challenging. Well, you can play e6 against e4 and d4. If after d4 somebody plays e4 u go into French, and If c4 or london u play f5 and u have very pleasant game.

  6. Thats not english opening
    Bird opening hahaha

  7. We should appreciate neeko for making the birds opening relevant.

  8. Can't believe you blundered in the KIA. That's my favourite opening🤣

  9. > Tier F: Bongcloud

    Are you kidding ??? What the ** are you talking about man ? You are a biggest looser i ever seen in my life ! You was doing PIPI in your pampers when i was bongclouding players much more stronger then you!

  10. Maybe Anna shouldn’t rank things because it’s literally impossible for her to be negative about anything. Great for streaming! Not so great for trying to rank things objectively.

    Edit: I stand corrected. Just got to the kings Indian.

  11. The london is the best opening for beginners

  12. Kings indian is good if you are playing black. It is defensive in the outset, but slowly fights for the center. Principles of KID is used in the sicilian dragon as well. It is a very tactical opening, but not really suited for blitz games

  13. at 6:27 I guess the best tactic would be not to take with the bishop, but Qxc6+, that attacksthe rook at a8, so even if they choose to attack your queen witht he bishop, you take rook and give a check, and with all that advantage you take the bishop with the pawn to avoid checks… that should work.

  14. "The caro kann is a slav" levy is maulding rn and can't figure out why

  15. The intercontinental ballistic missile gambit is best

  16. Yes, I learned about the rook lift. Yes, that's the correct answer.

  17. 05:17 It's the English opening transposing into the Bird's on move one. Quite a novelty by WFM Anna Cramling. Perhaps chessable should contact her for their lifetime repertoire series.

  18. I've studied many of these openings for about three times as many years as WFM Anna Cramling has been alive, and yet the very first time she plays them, she readily points out several key themes, ideas, characteristics, and nuances that I am entirely missing. It's so therapeutic to turn off the local news here in these United States, stories about guns and police and shootings, and instead to watch Anna filled with positive energy and joy, either discussing ideas during a game with Pia, her Mom, or while she is just bouncing up and down in her chair with excitement. – j q t –

  19. The Jerome gambit is only top tier if it’s played by Aman.

  20. I used to be a beginner, then I learned about the bong cloud….
    Now I've quit 🙂

  21. For a WFM her opening knowledge is incredibly poor

  22. **After undeveloping knight in King's Indian, sacrifices bishop "because our bishop SUCKS" hahaha had me laughing good there

  23. at 6:27 why not queen c6 after black plays rook c3? (I am a chess noob). seems like black can only defend the rook with Queen D8 which leaves the bishop hanging. or vice versa, both takes come with check, and then can also win the C3 bishop

  24. "Maybe I should have checked out how you do these openings" ….I felt that!

  25. She talks too much for the amount of stuff she says that is worth learning. And her accent is a little hard to understand, and the combo of having to concentrate to figure out what she's saying, and her unpleasant tone of voice, makes this video unlistenable. Plenty of other YouTubers manage to make content worth listening to. Even other Americans, some of them.

  26. 5:00 hate when that happens, you're checkmating on the next move and get checkmated LOL

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