Chess Openings: The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is one of the most popular openings in chess and is used by many of the top chess players around the world. It is easy to play with lot of variations for creativity. I hope that the insight and analysis gives you a better understanding of the opening and what to look for when you play.

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  1. We spent a few years since I played but but I did play for years and and at 1 time with the chess federation just federation I had a rating of 1800 and a few points but since I moved to Reno there aint been nobody to play It's not quite as fun as when you Have to play a computer have a game The last tournament I was in with an Eastman Kodak And the nineties Marco

  2. U really deserve to be called a teacher

  3. If you put your bishop to g5 I'd go pawn to h6. Interesting video though

  4. What happens if your opening moves are just mirrored?

  5. what do I do if they played black pawn to c 5

  6. After playing e3 why doesn't black play Be6? That would protect the c file pawn.

  7. 19 seconds in and I already wanna blow my fucking brains out at the way he pronounces the letter P with this 5$ walmart mic

  8. I haven’t watched the queens gambit, but I’m interested in learning chess regardless

  9. The dark bishop on c1, in the Accepted line is blocked off as well, what do i do with that piece?

  10. Every time I try and pick up any real strategy with chess, it's like "well here are the first three common moves to this play… there are also seven variations that may follow this, and two more branching off from however you decide to counter lbknslao spaj lknglf"

  11. The best line I like to play as black, if I am playing a player that is unaware of the trap in Queens Gamit declined is the Cambridge Springs defense, I have even caught out quite good players, that is instead of N to c6, N to d7, at first sight, white is winning a pawn, if you have never seen it study the position and see if you can spot black's trap.

  12. What if he plays rook E6 after we play E3?

  13. Comment words hiding the movement of coins. So there is no use of watching ur youtube

  14. Dude try pb speed at 1.25 instead , you will have more time to spend !

  15. I'll just pretend that just after I finished queen's gambit on Netflix, YT suggesting me this video is coincidence 😆😌

  16. ..and immediately BLACK plays c4?? You mean WHITE, no?

  17. What is wrong with this video? I can't cast it to my tv😡😡😡😡😡

  18. On 4:52, cant you play Bxf7+ if king takes then Qb3+ and then take on b7?

  19. 2:28 a worthless gambit because black can simply just move bishop to D7

  20. I like how they just call thier opponent "he" What if the opponent is a girl?

  21. This dude needs a pop filter on that mic lol then P’s comin in thick 😅😅

    Great video tho! Great explanation!

  22. I've only played a game of chess in an early stage of my life , it took me 4 hours to defeat my opponent and when I was a child he told me I was the best opponent he ever played, I have completely forgotten how to play Chess since and have no ambition, I need help .

  23. What if black puts pawn to e5 as a second move

  24. I wonder if this guy was in a orphanage during the 60s?

  25. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Can't believe this is only the 2nd most popular video on the channel! Lol

  26. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Queen's gambit makes you want to play chess.

    Any Bobby Fischer film makes you want to play 9LX lol. (Well except maybe searching for Bobby Fischer.)

  27. You say the weakness for black is he’s closed in his bishop.. but we’ve done the same thing.. so what’s the big deal?

  28. Thoroughly disappointed. Didn’t work at all – tried to trick my bfff with this and the things didn’t happen. If you had a Yelp I would rate you 0

  29. Hi, I'm an old lady who is trying to learn chess; needless to say I'm a beginner and getting my butt kicked by computer simulations. What do I do if black responds with bf7 after I move my bishop to g5? Continue to develop my knight to f3? Thank you. Great video.

  30. Question, my friend usually accepts the gambit but then decides to defend the pawn with white bishop to e6 to defend. Anyone still watching this video in 2021 have any advice?

  31. 7.40
    Why wouldn't black just pawn to h6?
    I'm 500 player but I cannot figure out why they wouldn't do that, the bishop will have to retreat which is a loss of tempo,plus the knight will no longer be pinned. White could pawn to h4 so you'd still pin the knight but you've traded a pawn for a bishop

  32. this is pretty cool they should make a show for this

  33. who is here —- the queen's gambit webseries

  34. A lot of people don't know it, but this is the first video ever made in history. back before pop-screens were invented

  35. nobody talks about queens gambit accepted but then bishop e6 to protect the pawn. i never know what to do in this situation…

  36. Walt Jr decided to not follow in his dad's footstep, and instead, followed the noble persuit of chess tutorials. "I am the one who castles"

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