Chess Openings- The King’s Gambit

The King’s Gambit is a sharp attack against the king side of black. White gives up a pawn to start the game in exchange for a lead in development. Black has to be very careful as one wrong move and white’s aggressive game can quickly win the game.

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  1. "The Queen is very active 'he' can do a lot of things". Huh?
    Great video though, thanks!

  2. Naa, black would go to d6 before going to g5.

  3. Not a single person has accepted this gambit for me today

  4. Poon tappin ain't easy but its necessary!

  5. question, what if the black queen moves to g5 after white queen moves to g4?

  6. "my queen is on c4" : 😃
    "my queen is on c4" : 👎

  7. worst openning i have ever seen.. i rather play a3 for that matter 🤣 maybe to throw off an oponnent ..but is horrible…

  8. "If the king does not lead how can he expect his subordinates to follow" Lelouch Vi Britannia

  9. Jeez what the fuck kinda response could you do to that killer opening

  10. Started looking at some morphy games and he seems to love the kings gambit so now I'm here

  11. Sad thing is
    Everyone knows this opening and wont fall for it

  12. How should I respond if black moves bishop to c5?

  13. Lost in 4 moves against King's Gambit and went straight away looking for some clues. Thanks!

  14. The easiest way is to not fall for the "sacrifice". Don't take the pawn.

  15. Is this how i get the so called "bitches" I heard so much about

  16. Pity you have to keep saying "aam" otherwise a good video.

  17. It would be funny if you respond to me now

  18. if Queens Gambit in Netflix is a girl then they should create a kings gambit where they are battling

  19. Whenever I employ the kings gambit, I have failed the game 😢

  20. I'm just learning this opening that's why I'm here lol but even not knowing much about it I've had lots of success

  21. OOMG

  22. Don’t these openings only work if the opposing player moves all of the pieces perfectly?

  23. You destroy chess when you play, this is the king's gambit, it's the dumbest thing I've ever seen.Please teach people to understand chess and not teach them to memorize a set of stupid and simple traps that are easy to learn

  24. This video was made a 2 years after i was born wow

  25. Every time I try this opening they always check my king with the Queen right at the start of the game, I can’t castle and the only thing I was move is my pawn or king then they move back and play on.

  26. After I played pawn to f4 my opponent played Queen to h4 check

  27. I played this as a joke because everyone knows the queen gambit but I didnt know it was an actual opening

  28. Me seeing a king’s gambit and throwing a dog at it because it’s 4x weak to fighting types

  29. Played that one a lot after seeing this video, but still never have i ever seen the g5 move lol

  30. I just got an achievment for doing kings gambit idk wot it is

  31. I played Kings gambit once last night. The only match i lost thats why im revisiting

  32. Just the name "King's Gambit" sends chills

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