Chess Openings- Smith Morra Gambit

The Smith Morra Gambit is a sharp and aggressive line for white against the very popular Sicilian Defense. Most players that play e4 run into the Sicilian and if they want to get out of book lines and take an aggressive approach the Smith Morra Gambit is a great way to go.

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  1. I love this opening. Everytime I play e4 I'm praying for my opponent to play sicilian ^^ … Are there any traps in this opening?

  2. god, i hate when black plays the sicilian defense. thank you so much for showing me how to transpose the opening to the danish gambit! 😀

  3. smith morra gambit…is an aggressive anti Sicilian weapon…Its best use comes in blitz and rapid chess…. a must know weapon for tournament players… but never use this against 2300+ players…under standard time controls .. because if black defends well playing sharp lines bearing the attacking pressure ,he can trade pieces and bring it to and end game..where he will be usually a pawn up thereby wining the game…Still I love playing smith morra..its real fun

  4. But black has not not capture in third move he can play e6 and if u take he will get center controle back

  5. Hey Kevin, u should start explains how to play against the openings and gambits u do videos on

  6. Kevin, could you do a video on the Chicago Defense? As a huge fan of the Sicilian Defense, I run into the Smith Morra very often and would love to learn more about how to defend it. I haven't been able to find any videos on the internet that show the Chicago Defense.

  7. "Simple development move. And from here black has many different options."

  8. Computer analysis shows very good ways to accept the gambit and get away with it

  9. I like your videos, but the lines for black were passive here. In chicago defense, maybe black doesn't go after white bishop with ponds and instead he moves his minor pieces.

  10. This might be the case, like in other accepted gambits.
    Since chess is nearly computer–solved, it counts what happens between human opponents. As black, you might have some theoretical and computer-analysed advantage. But if you're somewhere between ELO 1500–2100 (like almost all of us), you maybe have a hard time showing this to white.

  11. 4:38 When i get into this setup, black usually goes Bishop B4 only to follow up taking my knight no matter what my next move is. This is highly annoying since the knight in the smith morra is apart of so many traps. That and since I'm already down in material, I do not want to just trade away. Any ideas? Thanks.

  12. The loss of the dark squared bishop means you might be able to push e5 and get that hole on d6. I've never played Smith Morra (I watched this to counter it), but I thik it might work.

  13. can u recommend a good gambit or trap when i am white and i start by moving by pawn to e4

  14. Agreed. Kevin "at the same time" is the best!

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  16. If you just go Bd2. Bxc3, Bxc3, you have two nice diagonals towards black's king. Not to mention that black has just traded the only piece he developed.

  17. that makes sense. I'll try it next time. Thanks.

  18. LOL… It totaly WRONG to say that moora gambit takes black out of the sicilian defence.What´s your rating ? 1500 ?? LMAO.
    1.e4 – c5.2.d4 – dxc4.3.c3 – dxc3.4.Nxc3 – Nc6.5.Bc4 – e6 (5.Nf3 – e6 first and then Nf6 )
    6.Nf3 – Qc7..7.Qe2 – Nf6 ( main-line )8.0-0 – Ng4!! And this may take you off the morra gambit.9.Bb3?? – Ncd4 and mate in 1 after 10.Nxd4 – Qxh3 MATE.9.Rd1 – Bc5!! and
    9 g3?! – Bc5.10.h3? – Qxg3+! wins for black

  19. Good video; could have covered the Siberian trap and how white can avoid it.

  20. lol used to do this before i knew it already exists 😀

  21. What if the black queen moves to put the white king in check after you offer the first pawn

  22. can u upload a fight of u ,,by using smith mora vs sicillian defence
    couse there is a purpose why…i hope u granted my request

  23. Does it bother anyone else that he says "at the same time" too much

  24. I held my own with black going a variation of the chicago defense route, when the end game came I was still a pawn up and whites time killed his play.

  25. Gambits are good when playing against opponents inferior to you. If someone is as good as you that the material advantage he has is destined to back fire. This is reason why these days GM's don't prefer to open up their game in such ways.

  26. This destroys 2200 and below players – absolutely destroys them.

  27. thank you a lot i just hate to play against the sicilian

  28. Thanks a lot Kevin! another very instructive video.
    I have been playing this gambit quite succesfully but more important it creates a very intresting game. Cheers!

  29. One of the problems with most of your opening videos is that it assumes the opponent plays some weak moves, and then you go on to conclude something like "so you see here, we have an excellent position against the opponent" when it's like, obviously, since he did not make the best moves.

  30. 7:26, why do you have to capture with your queen? Why not with the bishop? Isn't it bad to bring out the queen early into the game?

  31. Can you use the smith gambit on non Sicilian Defense players? For example if black's first move is pawn e5.

    Thanks a lot!

  32. HAHA!! exactly…notice how the author says "and if you want to get out of the book". The only sound openings in chess are the ones you find in the book. Everything else "not in the book" is not played by GMs because they are not sound. In fact this opening is not played by titled players, it is played at the club level against players with limited opening theory. Basically, if someone plays this against you…make sure you have already analyzed this beforehand or you know all the nasty tricks to this opening. Never on any occasion play this against someone rated 2000 or more.

  33. great vids!
    been playing this gambit with a lot of success yet…..
    what if he doesn't take on d4?
    I have seen this from time to time.

  34. As a Sicilian Defense player, what is the best move as black after e4 c5 d4?

  35. For the first main line you showed, why can't black play e4 imediately?

  36. Which is better? Qxd3 or Bxd3 in Smith Morra declined?

  37. Dude stop saying "At the same time." Jesus.

  38. thanks so much!  I just used the more aggressive double gambit and whooped my opponent!  it felt great!  I have enjoyed your videos a lot!  I have also enjoyed playing kings gambit.  I have been in a little bit of a chess slump but have found that my real chess skills are aggressive.  thx so much!

  39. Thanks. Why not take the pawn on d3 with the bishop instead of the queen?

  40. Thanks. I absolutely despise playing against the Sicilian defence.

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