Chess Openings Slander (part 2) with your comments


  1. King's gambit players when they see 1. d4

  2. Englund gambit players when they don't win in 7 moves

  3. Vienna players after buying gothamchess courses

  4. tennison gambit player when the opponent doesn't fall for the trap

  5. 2200s when their opponent doesn’t play their prepared 23 lines of theory

  6. rousseau gambit players when they have to play as white

  7. Englund gambit players when the opponent doesn’t take the pawn

  8. Last e4 players play evans gambit

  9. Tennison gambit players after illegally hijacking an intercontinental ballistic missile:

  10. Kings Indian players when you trade bishops

  11. Grob opening player when he isn't magnus and just a beginner

  12. Me trying to scholar mate anything that moves:

  13. Accelerated Dragon players playing the opening purely because it sounds cool

  14. Queen’s pawn players trying not to blunder every piece:

  15. Ponziani players when they end up have to playing normally 😢😢

  16. scholars mate players, when their enemy knows how to decline:

  17. Caro Can players when you say it’s bad (they are gothamchess subscribers)

  18. Queens gambit players only using it because of the show

  19. England gambit players w all there friends (they have none)

  20. Beginners playing the 4 knight opening, seeing the opponent doing something else than that: 💀

  21. Some chess players when they've memorized a gambit but the opponent knows it:

  22. As a king's gambit player, i approve of this meme.

  23. 1.a3 and 1.c4 players arguing over which opening has a slower game.

  24. Why the fuck did I only now discover the video which I'm in

  25. Me when my brother says he didnt use an opening:

  26. Blackburn shilling gambit players when there opponent takes the knight

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