chess openings slander (part 1)


  1. Here's part 2 (a bit short but better than nothing)

  2. Catalan players when the oppoent plays the englund gambit

    Walter falling

  3. Dutch defense players when pawn e4: 😰😰😰😥😥😥😭😭😭

  4. Colle/London players: zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz 🤮

  5. The amount of bitches the french exchange players get: 0

  6. Najdorf players after opponent plays 6. Rg1

  7. Can u do a one about variants e.g.anti chess horde king of the hill 960

  8. Englund gambit players when the opponent is over 400 rated

  9. London players premoving Bf4 when their oponent plays the englund: (literally happened to me last game)

  10. playing the french getting blitzed off the board

  11. Traxler players waiting 2746383 years for their opponent to fall into their exact line

  12. Englund gambit Players after they succesfully manage to play Qb4+ and take on b2 ( they doesnt know that its +3 after Nc3)

  13. Grob players trying not to sacrifice their 69th pawn:

  14. those who use their barin onspot and not depend on pre decided openings

  15. 700+ london players when their opening doesn't work:

  16. Hotbox variation players
    (manly handshake)

  17. Nimzowitsch – Larsen modern attack players waiting for the opponent to move their bishop to snipe the rook

  18. I studied 3 months to fully understand this memes , u gotta respect me

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