chess openings slander (part 1)


  1. French defence players waking up ready to play for a draw first game of the day.

  2. Italian player resisting the urge to 🤌🤌

  3. Ruy Lopez players trying to resist the urge to trade a bishop for a knight challenge (impossible).

  4. Caro-Kann is actually good if you can play it right.

  5. Giuoco pianissimo players (Luigi reading the book and falling asleep)

  6. The number of people who play Barnes Defense:

  7. ad a queens gambit player who hasbt watched the show i agree

  8. As a kings indian attack player, can confirm our opening sucks ass

  9. The most manly Vienna gambit player:

  10. Wayward opening players when black plays the bongcloud:
    P.S.: That would be a blunder as Qxe5# would be checkmate.

  11. french defense players burying their bishop on the first move
    alekhine's defense players giving up entire center while their knight dances

  12. Vienna gambit players when the opponent doesn’t play knight f6 😡😡

  13. Sodium Attack players when everybody forgets about them:

  14. I need an opening to focus on for real I just play anything

  15. London players premoving their entire openning

  16. Fried liver players when they meet e3 or the sicilian:

  17. englund gambit players fishing for the only trap in the position for the 69000th time (it never works):

  18. ponziani players when someone plays 3…d5: 😢

  19. least sigma intercontinental ballistic missile gambit player:

  20. my noob dumass after playing 1.f3 2.g4:

  21. Caro cann is killer above 1000 when you start acttualy learning theory, but your opponent still wont be super prepared

  22. Kings gambit players trying to win a game nonviolently(they cant)

  23. This is like way better than anything I came up with for these kinda vids

  24. Ponziani Players after sacrificing their queen

  25. ICBM players when you take the Knight with the king

  26. 2nd graders when they learn the blitzkrieg:

  27. Caro Kann players when they go against the Caro Kan’t

  28. 🦛 players castling after building a 10 move border fence: 👩‍🔬🧬🔬
    🐄 players after being told their opponents will blunder pieces if you double move both knights: 🤡🎠🎠

  29. Pov: you lose to a bongcloud opening player 💀

  30. monkeys bum opening, toilet variation

  31. As a d4 c4 player i never accidentally push the e4 pawn

  32. Kings gambit player when they realize they are gambiting a pawn for no reason

  33. When I play as black I use Scandi because the queen is the centre

  34. Here's part 2 (a bit short but better than nothing)

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