Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Wing Gambit! (CRUSH French Defense)

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  1. Thank you so much People like levy are selling this and you just gave it for free what a nice thing by you sir

  2. Bro you are a great teacher. A few years ago I wouldn't have had the skill to understand your theory but now that I'm getting better at chess you are becoming one of my favorite teachers. Telling me to think of principles from the benko completely changed how I play against this variation of the French.

  3. The French is so annoying to play against, so I think I'll give this gambit a shot (replacing the boring exchange variation).PS: Can you cover the Mason-Keres Gambit for white in a future video? I recently discovered it in an old book by Keres and it's so much fun.

  4. The wing Gambit wasn't in the sicilian??? I mean 1e4 c5; 2b4

  5. Hey Solomon how’s it going? I remember you did a video on a d4 gambit where eventually black takes dxc4 b3 cxb3 Qxb3 with ideas of Bc4 I can’t find the video could you tell me the name of it? Thanks!

  6. Do you think that this is the best opening in chess?

  7. Great?! I am tired of playing against the Alapin so have been working on my French defense. Now I have to put up with this gambit nonsense. This is not what a French player wants to face. Informative video. Thanks.

  8. Anything to help the White player throw the French player a curve ball; I’m all about it!!
    Once Black gets into his groove
    the first, like dozen moves, he rattles off and is happy. Unless you’re Botvinnik, seems you dpn’t need to memorize anything else! Fischer hated it; it drove him to the KIA!
    I play several different systems against it. Anything to make Black think for himself, preferably a bit sharp!
    Thanks 🙏 for a fine video, Solomon. 👍

  9. Nice coverage of the Wing gambit against the French! 2.Nf3 in general makes several French players uncomfortable as play could transpose to the exchange, 2-knights French, the KIA or the Wing gambit. An odd transposition to the standard French Advance is also possible here. Just a lot of atypical stuff for the French defense player.

    As a French and e6 Sicilian player, I like transposing to the Sicilian after 1.e4 e6 2.Nf3 with 2…c5 hoping to get white off-guard. White may now not get in their favored anti-Sicilian leaving them with options like the open Sicilian (yay!), delayed Alapin or Smith-Mora gambit deferred. The transposition to the e6 Sicilian is an aspect that may also be important for the wing gambit player to acknowledge.

  10. I play this all the time against the French with very good results. There is a guy called Mike Surtees in the UK who specialises in it and recommends 2. a3 instead of Nf3. It deters the annoying Qa4 line.

  11. Shoot bro…. this is the second time I've seen something on the Wing Gambit when going to play my Scotch as white… I have to try it now. Especially against the French, so annoying lol. Thanks for this!

  12. I skipped this video, and then after losing 3 games in a row against the French, I'm back. 😅

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