Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Swiss Gambit!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Swiss Gambit!

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Basic Bird’s Opening Strategy, Moves, Principles, and Theory:
How to Destroy the From’s Gambit:

SECRET CHESS GAMBIT! Learn to Play the Swiss Gambit – Chess Openings, Chess Strategy, Chess Traps

The Bird’s Opening is a flank opening and viable option for anyone looking to improve their opening repertoire for white. It is a reverse Dutch Defense, and looks to escape the exhausting opening theory many chess openings require. Most chess Grandmasters do not utilize the Bird’s Opening, but it offers white an at least equal position, and is good for the positional player. In terms of chess strategy, white will slowly develop the pieces, and there’s two different variations, or ways, of doing this. One results with white expanding in the center of the board. While the other involves white attacking the opponent’s king in a somewhat Grand Prix Attack fashion. Both are covered, giving you the option on which chess strategy you like best.

The Swiss Gambit is rare but deadly! It comes out of the Bird’s Opening, and many believe the Bird’s Opening to be very boring. However, those that play the Dutch Variation are seen to be aggressive. In reality, the Bird’s Opening is simply a reverse Dutch Variation setup but a tempo ahead! Attacking chess is what the Bird’s Opening chess player desires, and whether you are a Grandmaster or chess beginner, the Bird’s Opening is a great option!

In today’s video we go over the Swiss Gambit, and all of the strategy, principles, moves, ideas, tricks, tips, and checkmate strategy involved. We sacrifice a pawn, but in return, gain enormous activity for our pieces especially our queen and bishop. Our goal is to checkmate the king quickly, win the game, and have some fun while doing it! We hope you enjoy learning how to play the Swiss Gambit!

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  1. Good idea, surely it will surprise the opponent!
    I just wonder… if someone reply f5 to 1. f4, is it possible that he would be weird enough to answer in some unexpected ways? I mean, not taking back the pawn

  2. I play a lot this line but at 4:57 Black can play Bg4! instead of Ke4 Annoying move and the best chance for Black. Each game with this line was hard fight ^-^

  3. Every time I eat Swiss, its a gambit. Damn you, lactose!

  4. can you please teach me,how to play chess swiss on Lichess,pleaseeee. this is my first time playing,i cant find any helpful way,i dont understand anything on the swiss game, i have a competition the day after tomorrow,but i dont know how to play (._. ), hoping you can teach me! there's 7 round and the game is swiss, please noticed my comment! stay safe!!

  5. Never heard of this one!
    The Swiss must be insulted!
    Thanks for the entertainment!

  6. I thought it was called swiss gambit because of the cheese because the gambit is like having holes in them

  7. Very useful against lactose intolerant oponnents

  8. Is it okay if we do both the Swiss Gambit and eat cookies and drink milk?

  9. Quick question @4:45 would it be better to just move the rook to the F-lane or castle short side since they both put the rook on the F-file

  10. OMG. I checkmated my opponent in 7 moves with the Swiss!!! Thanks for all your videos Mr Giant! I mostly play the bird now ever since I started following your channel😀

  11. Bro you are understated. I enjoy your videos alot. Thanks

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