Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Steinitz Gambit! Vienna Gambit Theory Against Max Lange Defense!

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Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Steinitz Gambit! Vienna Gambit Theory Against Max Lange Defense!

In today’s video we cover a chess opening for white which can be reached through the Vienna Game, King’s Gambit, and Vienna Gambit. It goes by the name of the Steinitz Gambit as it is named after Wilhelm Steinitz. The Steinitz Gambit is one of the most aggressive and crazy chess openings ever invented, as according to Steinitz, “the king is an attacking piece! If you enjoy tricky chess openings the Steinitz Gambit might be for you. The Steinitz Gambit makes chess openings such as the King’s Gambit, Danish Gambit, Evan’s Gambit, and Scotch Gambit look timid! This opening truly brings back the romantic chess era, and we hope you enjoy learning how to play the Steinitz Gambit against the Max Lange Defense!

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  1. wow, your channel is awesome !,. keep it up bro

  2. Amazing video.. can you make one about the englund gambit please

  3. Great video, I've been interested lately in the Albin countergambit. It's a fun move against passive d4 players and the Lasker trap in the Albin countergambit is just one of the best traps I have ever seen with an underpromotion to a knight. Would be interested in a video about that one.

  4. I have a suggestion about the Queen's Indian Defence. It is by far the best response against the Anti Nimzo. Boggo Indian is also great

  5. This truly exemplifies what a gambit opening should be. So much tempo and seems dubious that the enemy will keep on wondering. I like risky moves where you don't go for castling being aggressive as what the White pieces should be. This reminds me of Bongcloud but in a more sensible way of moving Ke2.

  6. This is a underrated chess channel which promotes underrated chess opening… Keep it up

  7. This reminds me of a variation of the King's Gambit, that's also named after him, right down to the Black Queen sweep and the White King move. He liked to get "inferior" positions to get people out of their zone. Lasker also was known to do this. Thanks, Solomon. The Vienna is full of the good stuff.

  8. What happens if black plays Qg4+ instead of either of the pawn moves to pin the king to the queen and exchange queens with tempo?

  9. Just found your channel, you're very instructive and deserve far more views! Keep it up!

  10. Could you do a video about the alekhine's defense scandinavian variation?

  11. Great videos keep it up, you deserve way many more subscribers

  12. I think this give me soo much power along with Vienna game. This is so strange opening . i don't think even masters level players are prepared for it

  13. Hey Chess Giant, Im really loving your videos. Love your teaching style. There wasn't a good video on the Hippopotamus defense before you uploaded yours and now I've been playing and enjoying it. Say, have you ever checked out the crazy Black Lion defense and the crazier Elshad system (can be played for white or black)? You do a lot of videos on unusual openings so I would like to suggest these. Keep up the great work 😀

  14. Solomon, I am new to the channel, but love the way you describe your opening videos. They are clear, concise, and inspiring. Very instructional and easy to follow. I am hooked, subscribed, and looking forward to more great videos. I would love to see you do a video of the Max Lange Attack. Thanks for your channel.

  15. Great Video, just won my first game with this gambit, it was fun. Keep up the good work.

  16. Love the enthusiasm big brah haha tired of boring Italian game,adding this to my repertoire

  17. The entire game you leave the opponent wondering "is this guy an idiot or a genius?"

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