Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Scotch Game!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Scotch Game!

On this channel, we have covered popular e4 chess openings including the Ponziani Opening, Italian Game, Vienna Game, Vienna Gambit, Giuoco Piano, Ruy Lopez, and Danish Gambit. In today’s video we cover the Scotch Game (also called the Scotch Opening) which is one of the strongest chess openings for white against e5. The Scotch Game has good chess opening theory, chess opening strategy, chess opening moves, and chess opening ideas. Additionally, the Scotch Game prioritizes good chess opening principles, giving you tricks and traps that can help you win games fast. The Scotch Game is a good chess opening for beginners, and a good chess opening for intermediate players as well. Why? The Scotch Game is easy to learn, and gives you room to use flexibility and creativity in your own games. In this beginners chess lesson, we cover the best moves and ideas that the Scotch Game has to offer, and lines and variations you can use to beat higher rated players. In this chess opening guide for the Scotch Game, we cover the chess moves, chess strategy, chess principles, chess tactics, chess principles, chess tricks, chess traps, chess tips, chess ideas, and chess moves of the Scotch Game. Learn to play this chess opening for white against e5, and you will learn how to improve at chess fast, beat higher rated players, and win more chess games. Enjoy learning how to play the Scotch Game!

0:00 Introduction
0:57 Nxd4
5:51 Classical Variation
14:58 Schmidt Variation

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  1. thanks soloman!! for taking my recomendation ….. there is another hybrid line in scotch called goring gambit … its similar to that of danish gambit where after d4 exd4 we play c3 , bc4 and bxb2 … and also another line in philidor deffence called birds gambit .. hopefully you cover it next .. its soo venomous

  2. I absolutely love this opening. This is actually the first one I have ever learnt when playing online chess, I saw people play that against me and really liked the open lines, so I begun playing it myself and analyzing every game with computer. Now, that I'm learning theory, I have swapped to scotch gambit and some transpositions with the danish gambit, but really it's all just to reach the nakhmanson double piece sack and crush people.
    Great vid, would love a scotch game saga.
    As well as pirc saga, really you leave us hanging here.

  3. This was a very well-done video. The narrative is concise and to the point, the organization is logical and consistent, and the proposed lines are reasonable not contrived to support the arguments no matter what. Thanks.

  4. Another Great one Solomon! Your thoroughness and calming voice keeps us all coming back!

  5. i played scotch over 3 years mr solmon but your helps me to improve scotch

  6. this opening is a great choice for beginners and advanced players, it's solid, attacking, and very sourceful, I hope u focus more on the the aggressive lines of it like Napoleon gambit, and Scottish gambit with full repertoire… once again thank you

  7. Excellent tutorial! I'm doing a Mega tutorial on my channel with every single variation I got 20 videos so far… And 30 more to go, taking a small break. There is so much material with the scotch. You wrap it up in a nice neat video.

  8. Great video man! Wanted to get a more solid opening into my repertoire and you delivered perfectly. Love it!😀😀😀

  9. have you ever thought about teaching on chessable ?

  10. Thanks for the videos, you do a great job. I would to see one on the Potter variation. Thanks again & take care.

  11. phenomenal master class. Well done as always!

  12. I've been rewatching this every couple days. Low elo player that stumbled into the scotch – it just resulted in games I liked. I tried watching some videos, but wasn't learning anything. Bought a book, still wasn't getting anywhere.

    Yours is the first where I'm actually starting to get principles.

  13. 9:39 part after blacks Be3 when you said White has an intermediate move of Ne7 attacking the Queen what if black play Qg2?

  14. Amazing. I was reading the FCO, but it didn't explain the classical variation as well as you have. Thanks!

  15. This the best scotch opening video in the whole youtube , great work bro.

  16. Very helpful explanation for what to do if 4.Nxd4. I needed some help for how to punish that move as white.

  17. Yes to the powder variation pls love your vlogs Solomon ty for sharing your knowledge in a concise easy to understand manner

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