Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Reti Opening / Zukertort Opening!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Reti Opening / Zukertort Opening!

Many players focus on the chess opening theory that follows d4 and e4. And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this! There are a ton of great chess openings in both of those lines but today we focus on the world of chess opening theory behind 1. Nf3! This move has two names, those being the Reti Opening and Zukertort Opening. Today we look to cover the overall chess opening theory and chess opening strategy of many lines and variations. Chess openings covered in this video include the Old Indian Defense, Symmetrical Variation of English Opening, Reti Gambit, Larsen’s Opening, Quiet System, King’s Indian Attack, Sicilian Invitation, Sicilian Defense, Ross Gambit, Herrstrom Gambit, Black Mustang Defense, Tennison Gambit, Reversed Mexican Defense, and Queen’s Pawn Opening. We have never seen so many chess openings in a Chess Giant video before, but this shows just how much potential 1. Nf3 has! This video looks to throw all of these openings out on the table, many of which we have already covered, and many of which we will continue to. The Reti Opening / Zukertort Opening is good for chess beginners as it prioritizes good chess opening strategy and gives us a ton of flexibility in how we want to approach the rest of the game. We hope you enjoy learning how to play the Reti Opening / Zukertort Opening!

0:00 Introduction
1:20 Responding Against 2. …Nf6
2:38 Responding Against the Sicilian Invitation
4:00 Responding Against the Black Mustang Defense
6:31 Responding Against 2. …d5

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  1. I love these high-level opening overviews, keep them coming!

  2. I usually play the kings indian or the nimzo larsen variation like nakamura does on his titled tuesday games.

  3. I though the Zukertort line is when White plays the Q-side fianchetto with d4?
    I'll watch the video again sometime, but I don't remember seeing any lines which involve the Q-side fianchetto… Just the brief mention with no content in the first few minutes.

  4. fun opening that I think will be in the style of the channel is the Norwegian defense. I am sure the viewers who plays the modern defense will enjoy a video on this opening to add to their arsenal

  5. I'm hyped, after playing queens gambit many times reti can offer something fun!

  6. Hey really nice video thanks a lot!! Have you ever thought about doing the kings gambit? Might also be interesting!!
    Ps: keep up the good work!!

  7. No mention of the catalan? This is my repertoire for white (without the KIA). Back when I played consistently I beat a CM with it.

  8. Thanks for making this one.
    I some how starting to like this opening why to a pawn nagation and develop with our easy target

  9. Can you please make a reti gambit penguin variation video?

  10. Yet another solid video, Giant. I usually respond to the Zuckertort with the Pirc invitation, but I'm an oddball

  11. There is another decent option against d5 not mentioned in the video. It's 2.e3. The point being that it prevents the advance variation of the Reti gambit. I hate the advance variation and switched over to this pretty quickly after starting 1.Nf3. Black can persist with pushing d4 but you just take with exd4 (taking with knight is not as good as it loses a tempo to e5). It will give you doubled pawns in exchange but in this case it isn't a liability. You can give that pawn back at leisure if needed, white is still +2 right away.

  12. GMHikaru Title tuesday opening….Can't beat non mainline chess.

  13. Thank you so much for your great explaination. Especially for beginners like me. 🙌🏽

  14. Looks like the Reti/Zuckertort is for advanced players. It allows a mind boggling number of good choices for both sides.

  15. Amazing video! This video helped me a lot and great explaining! Keep up the great work!

  16. I’m at 1500 using exclusively reti and wow I want to play other openings I just love the variations.

    I often find myself running into pawn runners and a select line or 2 that ends up trapping my rook or losing my f pawn.

    Anyway I thought it was high time I looked more into the method behind the madness. I am also trying to figure out if the gambit is better than just the Fianchetto and develop

    I feel like the gambit does help develop as usually I open my bishop line and The only moves to defend the pond leave other spots in precarious position

    I think the only reason I prefer the fianchetto is because it is so aesthetically pleasing lol

  17. If you’re mot playing d4 when your opponent preps e5 your a chump

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