Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Reti Gambit Against the French Defense!

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Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Reti Gambit Against the French Defense!

The French Defense is one of the most popular chess openings for black against e4. Many players go with the French Defense because it has sound chess opening theory, chess opening principles, and chess opening ideas. The French Defense can be a hard chess opening to play against. However, in today’s video we show you exactly how with the Reti Gambit! The Reti Gambit is one of the most aggressive and successful chess opening variations against the French Defense with success at the Grandmaster level. The Reti Gambit looks to take the French player by surprise and out of their comfort zone. There is opening theory with the Reti Gambit, but French Defense players are rarely prepared for it. The Reti Gambit is a great chess opening for beginner chess players and intermediate chess players. Why? It has good moves, strategy, lines, theory, principles, tricks, traps, variations, fundamentals, tricks to win fast, and ideas, all while taking the French Defense player by surprise! The Reti Gambit is a very dangerous chess opening for white, and my personal favorite response against the French Defense. We hope you enjoy learning how to play the Reti Gambit!

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  1. Chess Giant.. any chance of a video about how you play against the Modern defence? It is really annoying me lately. What to do? against Pirc there is Austrian and 150, what about the Modern??

  2. Oh this looks fun, now I've got something else to play against the french that isn't the Orthoschnapp Gambit

  3. Hey Flash (that fast boi), thanks for it

  4. Most underrarted Chess Chanel on YouTube! Keep up the amazing content!

  5. Hey Solomon can you do a video on
    the Budapest Gambit?

  6. Thanks to YouTube !!! For Recommending This Amazing Channel

  7. Very informative content! You're opening videos are so good that now it's become super difficult to pick a favourite one! Keep up the good work! More power to you!

  8. Thank you for this video. Best chess channel for me

  9. After seeing this video, I bought a book on this gambit. Have yet to lose using this.

    However, I must admit nobody has played the accepted line. I think they were so thrown off after seeing 2) b3, they had no clue.

  10. I just found this. Thanks Solomon. Loved the French as Black, hated playing against it.
    Settled on KIA against it, but I like this a lot because it higher in deception value. I like that it has
    the b2 bishop and the Qe2 that was often Chigorin's second move in the French. Much appreciated.

  11. Excited to try this out, thank you! I only played the French for awhile and I don’t think I ever played against this.

  12. i found this looking for the reti opening gambit, and am very impressed by this. mr reti must have been some player to have an opening and two gambits named after him

  13. Dude, You haveGOT 2 hook up with Chessable or some other publisher and get ur own Video Course going.
    I watch and rewatch your video’s, and your teaching style is superb! Great job, now make a Course do I can spend some money on you.
    BTW- Danish and Goring gambit needed desperately, nothing really great out there on them.
    Or, Your Synder Scilian variation is crying out to be Explored!!

    Best to ya


  14. Not a single wasted word. Love it. Thanks S

  15. Man you one of the best of not THE BEST that have the rarest chess openings.

  16. Like it! Such a channel here, I am trying the Snyder Variation from your other video, which is similar to this

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