Chess Openings: Learn to Play the O’Sullivan Gambit!

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  1. Oh how I’ve waited for this one.. I’ll throw a little amateur insight in, as this is literally the only thing I play against the 3d4 main line. (I’m maybe 1400+ or so for reference, but mostly play casuals against higher rated’s, from around 1500 to 1800 strength) Hundreds of games at this point playing this gambit. 2:48 only once has anybody found that fork line against me, so don’t anyone in my range plan on facing it often. 4:10 in any of the variations it’s available, this battery is ridiculously menacing. Sometimes I’ll even pass up capturing a free pawn or two just to get that battery rocking. 5:33 don’t see this move played often, but when I do it’s from the substantially higher rated players. And the follow up you explained is very fun line and really makes the opponent ponder while clock burns. All in all super fun gambit and great video as always Giant! I dug up an assortment of my nicer O’Sullivan W’s and dropped them to your G inbox. Thanks for all the killer instruction!

  2. I havent played this in quite while,but now i think ill give it ago…Another great upload giving us alekhine players some extra ammo…Nice one sol.

  3. Oohhh i just knew by name this opening and omg i feel so intersted by this tricky black Gambit against e4 in blitz it shoule give awesome results ! I wonder if it could be a main opening in rapid at 1300 elo

  4. Excellent video, me mate. Keep up the good work.

  5. I've never seen this opening before, it looks amazing! Thanks as always, great lesson

  6. Hello! I'm very low ranked, so my opponents don't really play into the gambit.

    Knight G6
    Knight D5
    All normal so far. And then I get hit with pawn C4! And my horse just gets chased around the field. What can I do to counter that?

  7. Great video but I always mess up when white moves c4 chasing the knight, then I move it to b3 and then they move d4, after that what should be the best move for black?

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