Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Orthoschnapp Gambit!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Orthoschnapp Gambit!

The Orthoschnapp Gambit starts off with the following moves:

1. e4 e6
2. c4 d5
3. cxd5 exd5
4. Qb3

The Orthoschnapp Gambit is a fun chess opening for white against the French Defense. It is somewhat dubious in the sense that it would never work against someone like Magnus Carlsen. However, the Orthoschnapp Gambit is a dangerous option that can help you win games fast if the French Defense player is not prepared. The Orthoschnapp Gambit uses chess opening tricks and chess opening traps to help you win games fast, and in today’s video we give you the best lines and variations for white. Most would not call the Orthoschnapp Gambit a top tier chess opening, but it guarantees that you win reach some interesting positions in which you can use your creativity to navigate middlegame positions and give you the opportunity to win more chess games. Players such as Eric Rosen and Jonathan Schrantz have beat higher rated chess players with it, showing just how dangerous it can be if the French Defense player doesn’t know what to do. Obviously, the move Qb3 is a little bit dubious. However, after this, if we use chess opening theory, chess opening strategy, chess opening lines, chess opening ideas, chess opening principles, chess opening tricks, and chess opening traps we are going to have a good chance to beat higher rated chess players and win games quickly. The Orthoschnapp Gambit is a great chess gambit for white, giving up a pawn and then trying to use chess checkmate tricks to win the game quickly. The French Defense is one of the strongest chess openings for black as it puts chess principles, chess moves, chess ideas, and chess strategy as the number one priority of every move. The main lines can be very hard to play against and can take a ton of time. Additionally, if you go into something common, the French Defense player will be very comfortable. However, with playing the Orthoschnapp Gambit you are looking to take the French Defense player into new lines and variations, with both sides having fun. If you are trying to find a way to beat the French Defense, the Orthoschnapp Gambit might be or you! Whether you are trying to find a way to win against the French Defense, or are simply looking into new chess openings for white, we hope you enjoy learning how to play the Orthoschnapp Gambit!

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  1. Any chance we can get a video on the Glek Variation of the four knights game? It’s the opening I played back in elementary school I wonder what the theory for it is like.

  2. Reminder is set, looking forward to the premiere.

  3. Hey, when will you release top 10 defenses against 1.e4?

  4. hey man love ur vids can you do a video on the englund gambit?

  5. @1:58 ‘If you’re having fun and winning games, then why not? ‘ — That’s why the Chess Giant is my dude! 🙌

  6. Despite my love of flank openings, I do enjoy some mid-board hand to hand combat.
    Thanks, Solomon!

  7. Black diemer gambit next mr solomon im very excited

  8. may i request opening albin counter gambit mr solomon and thanks for read

  9. thanks, when is the black lion video coming up?

  10. This channel is serious underrated
    The content is always top notch

  11. Love 💕 this Gambit and am almost + 70% against stronger
    opponents. Take ‘em out of their French book! They hate having to think 🤔 for themselves. Jonathan Schranz has some decent videos on this one.

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