Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Latvian Gambit!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Latvian Gambit!

The Latvian Gambit is one of the most enjoyable gambits in all of chess. Oftentimes, it can be hard for black to play for the win. Black can play the Four Knights Defense, Philidor Defense, and even Petrov Defense. However, with all three of these openings, the chess game becomes very positional. Black’s attacking chances aren’t great, if there’s any at all. However, there is an opening, named the Latvian Gambit, that gives black a chance to fight for the win. Black is looking to checkmate the opponent’s king, win the game quickly, and go home victorious. I recommend this chess opening to aggressive, club level players up to an 1800 ELO. A Grandmaster or Master probably won’t fall for the chess traps, but at the club level, it’s a good option to take your opponent out of preparation, make the game fun, and go for the win fast. Enjoy playing the Latvian Gambit!

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  1. This is another opening I like a lot, but I have never played it.
    Most of black's gambits don't give much initiative, but the latvian sure gives a good amount of it.

  2. I'm really thinking about adding this to my surprise repertoire again. Without knowing any real theory or experience, I beat a better player with this and also it's cousin the Elephant Gambit.
    Really enjoyed this. Thanks, Solomon.

  3. In the bishop b5 variation where exf5 Bxf2+ Kxf2 Qh4+, after g3 couldn’t black play Qd4+ and win the knight? If so, how does the position look then? I have gotten into chess recently over these past few months and I’m kinda low rated, 700 blitz and 1000 rapid, but this opening was one that I liked and began to look into. Is there something I missed?

  4. I love it!! But the people I verse pawn take pawn so idk what to do I usually preform just fine

  5. My opponent with white peices resigned in 6 moves in this remarkable Latvian Gambit Acc. 1) e4 e5 2) knight f3 f5 3) knight x e5 queen f6 4) d4 d6 5) knight f3 fxe4 6) knight fd2 queen xd4 my opponent resigns after this move by my queen.

  6. Solomon,
    I'm about 1000 rated (and climbing hehe) (500 bullet-1200 daily) I started playing this after seeing this video, upset because I love playing Kings Gambit as white but played the boring pirc with black.

    After trying to play 3. …Qf6 for a while, I started playing Nf6 followed by Bc5 and just playing the kings gambit as black!!! Sometimes giving up both pawns or even the Knight on f6 to take back with Qxf6. I play it exactly the same if white moves the Bishop first, it's called the "Calebresi Counter gambit" but I just play them both like a reversed kings gambit.

    Could you comment on how good or bad you think this system is?

  7. May we play on lichess? What's your name there?

  8. im a beginner and just found your channel. i like this opening for my black games. thank you for the video. learning how to use the variations.. lol i keep messing up and losing atm, but ill get it.

  9. what if instead of the knight taking the pawn he does pawn E takes F5 before the knight play? what would be your options after that? researching now.

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