Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Herrstrom Gambit!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Herrstrom Gambit!

Today’s video is dedicated to finding a chess opening for black against the Reti Opening / Zukertort Opening. However, we are not covering the Sicilian Invitation, Caro-Kann Invitation, or even Pirc Invitation. Instead, we are covering the worst possible move black has with 1. …g5? However, even as black cannot find a worst chess opening, the Herrstrom Gambit is the best performing move for black! The Herrstrom (somehow) reaches a position in which black actually wins the majority of the games. The Herrstrom is a bad chess opening but a fun chess opening as well, especially for beginner and intermediate chess players. We hope this YouTube chess opening video can help you with the strategy, moves, tricks, traps, ideas, principles, theory, lines, and variations of the Herrstrom Gambit and the middlegame positions that can be reached because of it. We hope you enjoy learning how to play the (bad and good) Herrstrom Gambit!

0:00 Introduction
0:58 Responding Against 2. g3
7:21 Responding Against 2. Nxg5

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  1. Amazing video as always and thank you so much because I am making a gambit repertoire for over the board tournaments and the reti is a huge problem for it so this video and a few hours of intense study will finally complete the repertoire. Thanks again!

  2. Awesome video! I love openings that force my opponent to play MY opening instead of theirs and since 1. Nf3 is so flexible it's hard to force them to play something I want. Also, the final lines look like an Advanced French, color reversed, but with an open g-file for extra pressure on a kingside castled king. Love it!

  3. Great content as always. Today i stumbled into an interesting gambit when experimenting with the scandinavian as black. Its called the Blackburne-kloosterboer gambit. Nakamura and Grischuk have almost 50 games played with this. I'd love to see a video on this.

  4. Hey Solomon! Could you please bring a vídeo showing the Mikenas Defense and his variations, transpositions, traps, and ideas? Cheers!

  5. Love this as a 1.b4 player, very similar to the Gregorian variation

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