Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Four Pawns Gambit!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Four Pawns Gambit!

There is a new and dangerous chess opening by the name of the Four Pawn’s Gambit. This is not to be confused with the Four Pawn’s Attack, as this is not against the King’s Indian Defense, but actually is from the Bishop’s opening. White gives four pawns away in the first eight moves. Yes! White literally gives away half of its pawns, but in return gets amazing attacking chances. White is not looking to play boring, positional chess. But instead, use one of the best aggressive chess openings to checkmate the opponent’s king and win the game fast. White offers up a pawn in King’s Gambit fashion, continues to gain an advantage in development, and looks to use chess tricks to win the game fast.

Is giving up this many pawns a bad idea? Well, usually it totally would! However in the Four Pawn’s Attack, white is actually using chess strategy. Black is winning all of those pawns, but white is getting more attacking pieces available. Let’s just say if black is not extremely careful, white will checkmate the opponent’s king, and win the game very quickly. Whether you are new to chess or just want a fun chess opening trick to play against your friends, we hope you enjoy playing the Four Pawn’s Gambit!

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  1. This opening is awesome! But is not that forcing, You can force the first 2 pawns but, the other 2 are hard because my oponent has to cooperate and do bishop e7, but it would be very cool yo play it. However, by only gambitting the first 2 pawns You still get a huge initiative.

  2. Wow! I was not familiar with this gambit, but I will definitely be using it in the future. It is definitely exciting and puts black in a position where he can easily make a mistake.

  3. Great video ~thanks for the break down!

  4. I confirm that you make super good videos, …at first look this opening doesn't look clever, but I suppose that a key factor is position and development. And of course, for online fast games!

  5. Awesine, So much ground taken through sacrifice.

  6. What if Pawn blocks the attack from queen, How you will continue this attack and why King will go down ..??

  7. "I just showed the move that technically gives black equality" 

    So you signed the 1964 bill of civil rights?

    Is that funny or offensive?

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