Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Duras Gambit against Declined Variations!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Duras Gambit against Declined Variations!

On this YouTube chess channel, we have covered a ton of top tier chess openings for black! Concerning the best chess openings for black against e4 we’ve covered the Pirc Defense, Philidor Defense, Black Lion Defense, Caro-Kann Defense, Czech Pirc Defense, Owen’s Defense, Sicilian Defense, and the list goes on and on. Today, however, we are covering a terrible chess opening for black with the Duras Gambit. Now, even as this is one of the worst chess openings ever invented, it does surprisingly well! It is a chess fun opening to play against your friends, and we’ve seen GM players including @themagnuscarlsen win multiple games with it. In our previous video, we covered the main line of the Duras Gambit as well as a game by Magnus Carlsen. Today, however, we cover what happens if white declines the Duras Gambit and what we as black should be ready to do against the possible lines, moves, and variations. We hope you enjoyed learning the Duras Gambit against Declined Variations!

Chess Openings: Learn NOT to Play the Duras Gambit!
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  1. Im 1300. I always play this gambit, i guess, i always see the name in my analysis. I figured why not check it on youtube🤣 i never knew it was this bad🤣 damn. I win like 7/10 times🤣

  2. Thank you for these Duras gambit videos. The Duras can be quite dangerous in the hands of a strong tactical player, especially when it's declined. I actually prefer it over the Latvian as black.

  3. I'm for sure going to have to watch this a couple times as suggested, great breakdown, thanks!

  4. plz make a vid about openings where black gets to queenside castle.

  5. Solomon: The f pawns are the weakest pawns in chess.
    Me: gets rid of my weakness on move 1
    Solomon: Am I a joke to you?

  6. Well, I'd better watch it five more times after I get another memory chip in my cranium. This does look a lot more fun than most openings and I would especially like to spring it on people that expect me to go full Olde Stodge!
    Thanks, Solomon, for another expansion version of Chessworld!

  7. Hey mate, do you make your own thumbnails? They're really amazing.

  8. Well, I have one Duras gambit game in my cartel, and I won.

  9. The Duras gambit rescues us from the boring positional struggle of the Latvian gambit 😂.

  10. Thank you for your explanations !
    Very good video

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