Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Black Lion Defense!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Black Lion Defense!

There are many aggressive chess openings for black against e4, but there is a trending opening line for black with the Black Lion Defense. This looks to combine both ideas from the Philidor Defense and Pirc Defense, while adding it’s own chess strategy, chess moves, and chess ideas. The Black Lion Defense is a very fun chess opening for black which has been pushed by @GingerGM and others. The Black Lion Defense has good chess opening strategy, chess opening lines, chess opening variations, chess opening ideas, chess opening moves, chess opening principles, chess opening tactics, chess opening tricks, and chess opening traps. The Black Lion Defense is not for the faint of heart, as we look to checkmate the opponent quickly out of the opening. The Black Lion Defense is a good chess opening for beginners, and a good chess opening for intermediate players. Why is this?


1. The Black Lion Defense is easy to learn – it’s idea is very straightforward and simple. It looks to ideas from the Philidor Defense and Pirc Defense – while adding it’s own flavor too. We begin by simply developing our pieces, with a then straightforward plan of h6/g5/and soon Nf4. We can also activate our rook on the g-file, and then look to checkmate the opponents king as quickly as possible.

2. The Black Lion Defense is good! This is not one of those openings which relies on the opponent making a silly mistake, but has been used at the master/grandmaster level many times. This being said, it is a little bit single dimensional – meaning that white can stop it. However, if they do, we will still have a very playable game and we will show that in this video.

3. The Black Lion Defense is fun! If you are an aggressive and attacking chess player, this opening might just be for you. It starts slow, but you will find yourself with a ton of fun and attacking games, especially if your opponent is not well prepared for the chess opening theory.

We finish out this video by covering a game played by FM Zoran Todic, as he brilliantly used the Black Lion Defense to get a nice win. On this YouTube chess channel, we don’t want to just cover lines and variations which you have to memorize. We also want to cover core strategies and themes, giving you flexibility in how you want to approach your games. We also want to give you the chess opening tools to beat higher rated players and improve at chess fast. Again, if you are an aggressive chess player and want to reach fun middlegame positions, the Black Lion Defense is a top tier chess opening for black against e4! We hope you enjoy learning how to play the Black Lion Defense!

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  1. You explained that really really well! Thanks – much appreciated…

  2. Very aggressive lines, thanks a great master ❤️

  3. fgd7 f6d7 f6d7 f6d7 f6d7 f6d7 Queen kisses the Bad Boy Knight b.
    I want to play with my dark square Bishop outside of my pawn chain, that still the Dog?
    I mean Lion, Black Lion?
    Because the bAD bOY IS A LYON DOWN AT THE qUEENS FEET? Knight b.

  4. hi Chess Giant…can you suggest how to deal with White's 2nd move f4? an early reply would be greatly appreciated…thank u

  5. Just come across your channel. This is a really detailed and helpful video. Time to hit the subscribe button!

  6. 1. e4 d6 2. d4 Nd7 3. Nc3 e5 4. Bc4 c6 5. Nf3 h6 6. O-O Qc7 7. Re1 Ngf6 8. a4 a5
    9. Ba2 g5 10. dxe5 dxe5 11. h3 Be7 12. Nd2 Nf8 13. Nc4 Ng6 14. Be3 g4 15. hxg4
    Bxg4 16. f3 Be6 17. Qe2 Rg8 18. Rad1 Nh4 19. Bf2 Nxg2 20. Kh2 Nf4 21. Qf1 Bh3
    22. Qh1 Rg2+ *

  7. Looks like a Philidor line. Good defense.

  8. 1. e4 d6 2. d3 Nd7 3. Nc3 e5 4. b3 c6 5. Bb2 a5 6. Nf3 Qc7 7. Be2 h6 8. O-O Ngf6
    9. h3 Be7 10. Qd2 g5 11. a4 Nf8 12. Nh2 Ng6 13. Ng4 Nf4 14. Nxf6+ Bxf6 15. Bg4
    h5 16. Bxc8 Qxc8 17. Qe3 g4 18. hxg4 hxg4 19. Qg3 Bh4 20. Qe3 Qe6 21. g3 Qh6 22.
    gxf4 Bg3 23. Qxg3 Qh1# 0-1

  9. Τα γράμματα πάνω στη σκακιέρα δεν μπορείς να παρακολουθήσεις

  10. Dude, people really doesn't deserve your videos about openings. I've seen a lot of instructionals, and the way you explain it, with the right pace and your minimalistic yet not vulgar presentation makes everything so enjoyable and you are THE BEST. You are the best school I could ever recommend to anyone starting in chess or trying to learn new things. I just love your openings videos. You deserve 1,000,000 views and subscribers, you really do. Thanks for the effort and for making chess more aprochable to all of us. Love, ton of love for ya, me mate.

  11. Been in similar positions as Black after White's Bxf7+ and then Nxc7 but simply resigned without playing it out. Thanks for giving yet another example of how in chess, as in life, appearances can be deceptive and why continuing the fight is usually the best policy.

  12. 1. e4 d6 2. d3 Nf6 3. Nd2 g6 4. c3 e5 5. Qc2 Bg7 6. h3 O-O 7. Ngf3 Nbd7 8. Be2
    c6 9. a4 Qc7 10. g4 Re8 11. Nf1 d5 12. Ng3 dxe4 13. dxe4 Nc5 14. b4 Ne6 15. g5
    Nd7 16. h4 f6 17. h5 fxg5 18. Nxg5 Nf6 19. hxg6 hxg6 20. Qb3 Qe7 21. Ba3 b6 22.
    O-O-O Bb7 23. Bc4 Bc8 24. Nf5 gxf5 25. b5 c5 26. exf5 Kf8 27. Bxe6 Bxe6 28.
    Nxe6+ Kf7 29. Nxg7+ Kxg7 30. Rdg1+ Kf8 31. Rh8+ Ng8 32. Rgxg8# 1-0

  13. i am back… I can't shake this one. I know it might not be the most sound but i LOVE the ideas. The GingerGM did videos on this and I think your take is different. I want to be good with it because well.. BLACK LION is amazing name. I feel like it loses tempi but at the same time it mounts pressure that, if ignored, will overwhelm. I can't avoid this name!

  14. In tha variant Bxf7 , white can first play d4xe5, and after d6xe5 , Bxf7 its a whole different ball game. Maybe after Kxf7, Ng5+ Kg6!?

  15. Very nice ideas ….your Channel is one of the best on you tube

  16. Thank you Solomon! Always Interesting Clips!

  17. Superb video man i love your explanation very nice ideas…i am going to change my opening to black lion now…
    keep it up!!!

  18. I play this game, for both White and black, it's really entertaining

  19. Wow! U covered it! Thx! ❤ Nh4 was my biggest concern..

  20. I used to be in a now disbanded infantry battalion called the Black Lions. So this is rather interesting.

  21. After Nh5 can black play Nxe4 with a discovered attack on the knight?

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