Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Birmingham Gambit!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Birmingham Gambit!

Today we cover a fun chess opening gambit for black against the Polish Opening with 1. b4! It is called the Birmingham Gambit, which few people know about. However, this chess opening for black prioritizes good chess opening theory, chess opening strategy, and chess opening principles. This chess gambit fits well with those of those who enjoy hyperdynamic chess openings in games where you can use your creativity to get imbalanced and complicated middlegame positions. The Birmingham Gambit is a fun chess opening for beginners but is also good up to the Grandmaster level. Needless to say, the Birmingham Gambit is an underrated chess opening which can help you use chess opening tricks and traps to win games fast. We hope you enjoy learning to play the Birmingham Gambit! And shout out to our guy J Dub for recommending it!

0:00 Introduction to Birmingham Gambit
1:16 Birmingham Gambit Accepted
14:08 Birmingham Gambit Declined

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  1. Lmao Birmingham reminds me of all the crap Hammond got. But I’m happy I have more things against polish now.

  2. 1. b4 c5. 2 Nc3 – A00 Van Geet opening: Dusseldorf gambit. Good response for white..

  3. Giant, I've been working on a catch phrase for the last several days. I needed something for you that rolls and flows and doesn't take you out of your zone. I did some testing with sample audiences and the following catch-phrase was the winner by a very large margin. Try this on and see if it fits: Instead of saying, "In this situation, I'm taking black all day." Say, "I'm taking black all day and all night." The addition polled way less cheesy than we thought it would. What was fascinating was the primary target audience (age 8 – 60 with a rating under 1500) loved the addition, found it memorable, and those who filled out questionnaires said they felt it showed "enthusiasm" (30%) "passion" (18%) and "hippness" (6%.) My suggestion, based on the research, is throw it into a video and see how it feels. Part of your charm is your smooth genuineness and if you can't pull off the "enthusiasm" of "taking black (or white) all day and all night" then it's a non-starter. I hope you like it as much as the audience did. You're blowing up and turning your massive fame into global domination may be only a catch phrase away!

  4. I won with the Owen's defense. Thanks.

  5. Hey Giant, thanks for the videos. Any chance you could look at doing something on the english defence to the english opening? It has been used as an anti english weapon by some good GMs and according to the lichess database it has a pretty good score against the english opening.

  6. Good stuff. I haven't yet faced b4 otb, but I'll remember this!

  7. What if Whitew is not interested in holding on to the pawn on c5? That seems better.

  8. Its a good one; I play as White B4 C4 and then E3 __ i.e. none of the above in the video !!

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