Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Bird’s Opening!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Bird’s Opening!

There are many good chess openings for white that we have covered on this channel including the London System, Queen’s Gambit, King’s Indian Attack, Vienna Game, Scotch Game, English Opening, and so many more. However, in today’s video we look to give a comprehensive guide for the Bird’s Opening. The Bird’s Opening is one of the most underrated chess openings for white, really a Dutch Defense system but with an extra tempo. However, in this chess opening video we are covering a wide range of lines and variations. Within the Bird’s Opening, this includes the Sturm Gambit, Swiss Gambit, Polar Bear System, Stonewall Attack, Dutch Variation, and so much more – including how to win against the From’s Gambit! In the Dutch Defense, there is the Classical Dutch, Leningrad Dutch, and Stonewall Dutch. With the Bird’s Opening we got all of these options and even more as we have that extra tempo. Below we will list some reasons for why white should play the Bird’s Opening. It is a good chess opening for beginner chess players, and a good chess opening for intermediate chess players as well.


1. The Bird’s Opening is easy to learn – there are many chess openings out there for white, but many of them can be complicated or difficult to understand. As a beginner chess player, you probably don’t want to simply memorize lines and variations. Instead, you want a good chess opening for white with which you can play some fun chess. The Bird’s Opening offers this and more.

2. The Bird’s Opening is strong – even as this is a strong chess opening for beginners and intermediate players, it is far from unsound! The Bird’s Opening uses good chess opening strategy, chess opening theory, chess opening moves, chess opening ideas, chess opening tricks, chess opening traps, and chess opening principles.

3. The Bird’s Opening can help you improve at chess fast – this is not an opening which simply relies on cheap chess opening tricks and traps, but can help you learn how to play chess and how to improve as a chess player. This is an opening in which you can grow your skills surrounding strategy, theory, moves, and ideas.

4. The Bird’s Opening is rare – very few players go with the Bird’s Opening anymore, and this is part of what makes it so strong! Most chess players are concerned with e4 openings and d4 openings. However, having to study up for the Bird’s Opening isn’t usually a priority as it is so rarely seen. By learning the chess theory and chess strategy in your video, you will find yourself with the upper hand in more games than not.

5. The Bird’s Opening is fun – this is far from a boring opening and will give you many different lines and variations based on your style of play. The Bird’s Opening is not one simple idea, but a door to a whole new world of chess opening theory. If you can find yourself the right chess opening setup from the Bird’s Opening, you will find yourself enjoying chess and having a lot of fun with it!

The Bird’s Opening is a top tier chess opening for white that can help you improve at chess fast and win more chess games quickly. With the Sturm Gambit, Polar Bear System, Swiss Gambit, Dutch Variation, and Stonewall Attack setups available you will have a chess opening understanding that will be hard to match. We hope you enjoy learning how to play the Bird’s Opening!

0:00 Introduction to the Bird’s Opening
0:34 How to WIN Against the From’s Gambit
7:16 Dutch Variation
8:51 b3 & Bb2
9:16 Stonewall Attack
11:24 Reversed Classical Dutch
13:41 Reversed Leningrad Dutch
18:52 Polar Bear System + Other Options
22:52 Sturm Gambit
29:15 Swiss Gambit

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  1. This video is a massive improvement over the old one you made! This teaches the opening quite well, thank you!

  2. I like the matter of fact way you present information.

  3. Do you teach how to plan in chess Mr Solomon?

  4. The only opening I play as white. I like experimenting with the different systems in my games (Sturm Gambit has to be my favorite!). Absolutely love this video!! Would you also be able to cover some of the variations after 1. f4 d5 2.c4 d4 3. d3 c5 4. Nf3 Nc6 5. e4 grabbing a large center and en passant would give the dark squared bishop a nice developing move. I prefer this system over the g3 variation and think it might be interesting to cover

  5. I don't like openings like this. Play the center as white, e4/d4 and fight for it.

  6. I'm so happy you made this video on Bird's opening – a gem! 🙂

  7. One of the best Bird's Opening videos I've ever seen! One of the best YouTube chess channels out there, excited to keep seeing more YouTube chess content and hope you can continue to grow! I personally am a big fan of the Sturm Gambit and From's Gambit – in addition to the Polar Bear System and the simple Bb2 option. Very flexible and hyperdynamic chess opening for white (like you said) and I hope Birds Opening videos like this can help this great opening become popular again. Any plans on doing a Evan's Gambit video?

  8. As I expected, this is one of the best videos I've seen on Birds Opening. It filled a lot of holes in my knowledge of the opening, and I look forward to playing it.

  9. I found the Bird's opening while playing around with Lichess's opening explorer and I've been in love ever since

  10. I am a new subscriber and love the content on this channel. Keep up the great work!

  11. The Bird Openning is aight but I for some reason REALLY love the Saragossa openning rn

  12. Thank you so much for this bird's opening playlist and it will be very helpful to me.

  13. Ba ba ba bird bird bird, bird is the word…..

  14. I really like to play a combination of two different openings. Polish opening and Bird's opening. Here is an interesting line: Bird Opening: Batavo-Polish Attack 1. f4 Nf6 2. Nf3 g6 3. b4!

  15. Amazing coverage of the Bird's opening. One big advantage to the Bird's opening is that there are many different systems to choose from. This makes it more difficult for your opponent because they can't be sure which system you will play.

  16. Great video, but it’s pronounced fee•ann•ketto because Italians use “ch” to sound out the “kuh” sound

  17. hey, I was wondering with at 8:01 what if they play Nc6 instead of Bd7 im pressuming we take and then black had doubled pawns which is bad.

  18. Can we get a bird opening vs kings Indian defense ?

  19. Looking at the comments it's Time i study it deeply

  20. What about the Hobbs Counter Gambit? The Passive-Aggressive 2 . . . G5 seemingly gives White an advantage and even looks like a Blunder, yet White can get into big trouble really quick.

  21. Best answer to strum gambit may be c6 or e6

  22. hey i have a question what happen if black copy our moves??

  23. Me playing E4 agiainst the forms gambit transposing into a kings gambit be like:

  24. Bird opening is not for lower rated players. If you are not 1600+ player don't try this opening. But if you have some opening prep for this then try this for some amazing games. I would definitely try this after some preps.

  25. Dude playes e3 and beats the shit out of me after… hate my life 😑

  26. Fian'ketto' not 'chetto'… jlcommon mistake

  27. I asked my mentor for an uncommon opening that would catch people off guard and never looked back 💪

  28. Well against the from gambit i like to transform the position into a king's gambit

  29. dont stop uploading bro. you are my favorite chess youtuber <3

  30. what if black long castles? how do we put attack their king

  31. What’s your hurry? Why are you talking so fast? Is it more important to get all your words out as quickly as possible or would you rather that the viewer have some time to absorb what you are saying. By the time I think about what you’ve done, you’re 6 moves ahead and I can’t even see your tail lights.

  32. Hey Solomon, thank you so much..i’ve been experimenting with this opening and was looking for a video to teach me how to face the From Gambit..i suggest you cut the first part that deals with it and post it on its own with a specific title like “Facing the From Gambit” thanks again happy to find and subscribe to the channel

  33. thank you sir , i always have a problem when i face the Froms's gambit , and this video is really useful for me , Thanks again

  34. Always loved this opening, lots of options and leads the game in a direction i want it to go without having to know crazy theory

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