Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Beaver Gambit Against the Sicilian Defense!

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Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Beaver Gambit Against the Sicilian Defense!

There are many good chess openings for white against the Sicilian Defense including the Delayed Wing Gambit, Grand Prix Attack, Smith-Morra Gambit, English Attack, Sozin Attack, Canal Attack, and many more! However, usually, Sicilian Defense players are very well prepared for the chess opening theory of these variations. In today’s video, we show the Beaver Gambit which will guarantee bringing that surprise and shock factor to your opponent! The Beaver Gambit was recently invented by @JonathanSchrantz who is a chess master and chess coach who is constantly contributing to the chess community, specifically chess opening theory! I will leave his YouTube channel link below!

The Beaver Gambit, created and popularized by @JonathanSchrantz, really is a dangerous chess opening for white against the Sicilian Defense. With the Beaver Gambit, you can win against the Sicilian Defense fast as it has good chess opening tricks, chess opening moves, chess opening ideas, chess opening theory, chess opening strategy, chess opening variations, chess opening lines, chess opening tricks to win fast, chess opening fundamentals, and chess opening traps against the Sicilian Defense. The Beaver Gambit starts off with the Alapin Variation, but soon gets intense with the new and tricky chess gambit! I recommend the Beaver Gambit as a good chess opening for beginner players and a good chess opening for intermediate players as it is a fun chess opening, dangerous chess opening, and rare chess opening against the Sicilian Defense! We hope you enjoy learning how to play the Beaver Gambit!

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  1. I didn't even know there was a Beaver Gambit, very cool.

  2. Damn you uploaded REALLY fast this week. 3 videos till now!

  3. It looks like something Emil Diemer would play. Thanks, Solomon.

  4. This looks like a lot of fun. Very nice presentation. I've always wanted to know how to counter the Sicilian defense in an aggressive manner.

  5. It should have been named after Jonathan. It looks fun

  6. Just to note that Schrantz did not create the gambit, although he has certainly popularized it, and perhaps called it the BG. E.g. Koster (2202) – Ramesa (2249), Trieste ITA 2006, 0-1 in 23 moves.

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