Chess Openings: Learn NOT to Play the Tortoise Opening!

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  1. Hikaru: Tortoise 3000 rating speed run.Hans: The tortoise speaks for itself.

  2. Thanks for another banger video, Solomon!

  3. Every time you post a video telling us to not play an opening, I take it as a challenge to play it. Then I get my ass kicked.

  4. Thanks for the quality content! I am always looking forward to your next videos! They are super instructive and fun!

  5. ever considered speed runs, Solomon? would be cool to hear your thought processes against lower rated players.

  6. Wow, I've never seen this played on or offline. I'll make it a special point never to play it! 🤣

  7. I'll say it's an interesting opening! Specially since white doesn't lose right away. Not the best option as white but sure is interesting!!

    Anyway, I Hope you doing well Solomon. Can you please make a video on the "Cormorant Gambit" and add it to your "Animal Openings" Series Playlist. It arises from the Old Benoni.

  8. If you want to get the benefit of throwing off you opponent with this odd move without all the problems you can play that in response to French defense and transpose into reti gambit

  9. Great video! Is there anyway we can get a speed run of you doin e4 as white? To see how you open up against various defenses as black

  10. Wow in lichess they have no theory of that and the computer evaluation is 0.2

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