Chess openings – King’s Gambit

Chess openings – King’s Gambit
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  1. Wow gonna try it when school comes again…i always do Ruy Lopez as my opening lol…. (Black – Scandinavian/Sicillian Defense)

  2. video should be from white^s perspective

  3. bro can you just make a video on kings gambit bc5 variation

  4. I enjoyed your video. Clear explanations of the ideas

  5. I always like a black person to explain things. very simplex

  6. it's a very interesting opening, it may not be solid as the common stuff but you can usually get people off guard because most of players are obsessed with stuff like Ruy Lopez, Sicilian or Indian games and never play a risk one like this.

  7. Congratulations for you great vídeos about openings, your style is very good! By the way, You remember the Panther in Thundercats 🙂

  8. stop playing kings gambit, it gives people headaches

  9. You always make all complicated. Mix all variations.. really hard to follow

  10. I personally don't spend a lot of time trying to re-capture black's isolated pawn. I'd rather spend the early part of the game taking advantage of open files.

  11. Peace, great breakdown!! I just subbed, can't wait to watch some more. Very insightful. Peace.

  12. Please make videos on the tactics , planning and strategies which can be applied for the evaluation of the position and create a winning situation. What about King's gambit declined ? This was a great video. Thanks.

  13. I used to play this gambit every game, then eventually learned better techniques and openings,,,

  14. What's your opinion on Kings Gambit for 1 min blitz

  15. If its white gambit why not play white from the bottom of the screen . Which is the perspective of white from any device. For that reason didnt watch

  16. Great vid. Loved how you gave both perspectives on the king's Gambit.

  17. First visit to your channel…it won't be my last. Well done.

  18. Your video on the french defense was the spark that made me get involved with chess again…this one made me find my passion for aggressive chess. Thanks mr Kelley

  19. Informative, clear and professional.
    Thanks ❤

  20. Cant see the fkn board with the subtitles

  21. The best online coach 👌 I have seen. I hope get you as my live coach.

  22. I love the king's gambit, at least as I still am a beginner in chess. It makes the game much more risky and exciting

  23. But these openings and defenses don't really help or matter if someone know how to play the game of chess

  24. Even after 8 years, your video is high quality in terms of editing and information. You should come back. Thanks for the lesson.

  25. I'd prefer to see white on the bottom since I'm trying to learn to play it not defend it

  26. Awesome little intros to openings. Took up chess after years, 1600 on Lichess doing positional play, learning some openers for first time since I was a kid.

  27. Brilliant introduction to the King's Gambit ideas! You can't explain it better!

  28. Bro why not show it from whites perspective 😂👎🏻

  29. Me: *Uses video as material to play king's gambit"
    Opponent: declines gambit
    Me: cries

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