Chess openings – Italian Game: Evans Gambit

Chess openings – Italian Game: Evans Gambit
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  1. hey bro first off all i m big fan fan of your videos and i m very good with my opening now…but i have one question….what after Ne7 variation Q×b7…because i think white's queen is prity much trap now plz help me bro

  2. hey dereque kelley, which and how many chess openings should i learn as a beginner

  3. hi dereque for the five minutes fourty eight second the move why cant the king eat the bishop

  4. You are an extraordinarily beautiful man.

  5. Forwarded your channel to my chess club this spring. Lots of great chess sites out there, but none that summarize the pros and cons of a particular opening with such an economy of motion. By that I mean you really know how to use video time to best effect, moving from key move to key move with cheerful logic. Hopefully your YT success translates into other successes of your life. Cheers.

  6. In 11:40, what about Qb5? in order to take black's knight on a5 or in c6 if black does Nc6 to block the check

  7. 04:45 the engine recommends Bg5! this move is insanely strong, since white can checkmate his opponent, if he makes just a single mistake..
    for example: 11. Bg5 Qf5 12. Nxe5 dxe5 13. Qb5+ c6 14. Rxe5+ Be6 15. Qxb7 Qxe5 16. Qxc6+ Bd7 17. Qxa8+

  8. just curious, at 11:35 what stops white from forking the king and knight on a5?

  9. I love the video, I am new to Chess so I Wonder at: 11:37, why can't White just play Queen to b5 and pickup a free Knight at a5?

  10. Why are we playing a3 as white at 11:28? wouldn't 1. Bxd5 Bxd5 2. Qxb4 win you a piece?

  11. why did you just run through the opening moves of the gambit three or four times in a row, one directly after the other, at the beginning of the video? I love the way you explain things but sometimes it seems so hard to learn from YT channels because all the creators seem to make the videos 3x longer than they need to be and it really taxes one's patience.

  12. sir when u will teach bishop and knight checkmate

  13. Usually black's best attempt will be 5…Be7

  14. First time seeing your videos! Love them!

  15. Why would black move his knight to a5 at 11:36? Doesn't it set up white for a queen fork on the king and knight?

  16. What happen if I moved my bishop to where the king is does that count as check mate?

  17. Fantastic video! I play the italian game a lot, with the evans gambit, max lange, and morphy attack always at the ready.

  18. Wow! new to chess, going to take me a while to learn and fully absorb, but when I do eventually learn and fully absorb, this is going help me no end, nice work keep it going!

  19. got here b/c i was looking for Evans Defense but stayed for the gambit. Awesome video— subscribed

  20. Your presentations would be sooo much better with just one board! Why have two? Just a visual distraction 🙁

  21. I just played the evans gambit and my opponent resigned on move 12! I love this opening

  22. Thankyou! You explain it so clearly. 🙂

  23. The first time I'm watching your channel nice exposition on Evans with Italian I believe and this is my humble opinion alone Morphy was its finest exponent why not discuss a game of his too thks

  24. Very nice presentation. And interesting backdrop to where you were filmed!

  25. Honorable sir I wanted to know that what if black plays n*b4 when white plays b4 ?

  26. Micky the Magician Childrens Entertainer says:

    Very clear explanation. Thank you.

  27. and if the bishop just moves back to the same position after capture…?

  28. Ben İngilizce anlamıyorum. Ben Türkiye den izliyorum. Sizin söylediklerinizin hiç birini anlamıyorum ama izlemeyi seviyorum. Saygılar

  29. In the line where black captures on C3 instead of Rb8 what if black plays H6 instead? With the idea of stopping the knight fork on C5 so he can safely move his queen to E6 ?

  30. Not "literally from the first moves". "figurately from the first moves".

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