Chess Openings: Evans Gambit Accepted!

Chess Opening:
Italian Game – Evans Gambit (Accepted):
1.e4 e5
2.Nf3 Nc6
3.Bc4 Bc5
0:00 Intro
1:37 4…Nxb4
8:21 4…Bxb4


8:38 5…Bd6
10:48 5…Be7
17:26 5…Ba5


18:35 6…Nf6
19:10 6…Qf6
19:57 6…Qe7
20:40 6…d6
26:20 6…exd4

Chess International Master and FIDE Senior Trainer, Miodrag Perunovic.

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  1. This video is pure Gold! Thanks for this content, very instructive .

  2. What would you suggest against the leonhardt counter gambit 6…b5 ?

  3. Mio has a Twitch channel, and (hopefully) will be streaming soon. Go and click the follow and notify buttons (Heart and Bell icons) to know when The Butcher is streaming live!

  4. Hi Mio,
    What happens if instead of …dxe5 (in the leela stockfish game) Na5 would happen?(Wouldnt we just transpose into the normal …d6 …Qd7 …bb6 …Na5 main line?)

  5. Nice! But there is one variation (actually the one I play) where you give:

    1. e4 e5 2. Nc3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. b4 Bxb4 5. c3 Ba5 6. d4 exd4 7. O-O Nf6 8. Ba3 d6 9. e5 (this is all the same as I have) but then I have 9…Ne4 10. exd6 cxd6 11. Qe2 d5 12. Nxd4! Nxd4 13. cxd4 f5 as the starting position. I have several hundred moves in this Anderssen defense in my ChessTempo, want me to e-mail it to you? You will be very aggravated at how good this defense is!

  6. Awesome, gonna be my favorite video for a week or more. I transpose from bishops opening into this.

  7. Maybe next Urusov Gambit declined and accepted. I am only suggesting.

  8. Thanks Miodrag to investigate the stunning sacrifice Nxf7 in the line 8.Ng5. You showing 12.dxe7 but 12.Ba4+ is maybe a alternative to muddy the waters. Great video! 😉👍

  9. This is another great video. Thanks again Mio.

  10. Out of interest does the pgn cover both the decline and accepted lines? Played it for the first time by accident the other day and already had the pawn back by the 7th move and much better development.

  11. Hi everyone. I am Evans player as black and pass many of extreme dangers described in video by playing 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. b4 Bxb4

    5. c3 Ba5 6. d4 exd4 7. O-O Bb6 (approved by Stockfish) in stead of 7. …Ne7. Position might be cramped at first, but if you survive few moves by giving solid and accurate responses it is significantly less dangerous to my eye. In resulting positions I would aim for long castle and play center defensively while keeping up to whites activity and trying to become more active in long term. I have seen it is not that hard when white starts to advance queenside in order to attack blacks king or his possible castling location. If white starts to play slow, complete development and G file is the way to go.

  12. This video is great, you mention a lot of useful tricks and traps. Very brief explanation to the ideas of continuation after black falls into the traps. Tonnes of things to learn. Using chess engine to analyse some of the positions even learns more! Best Evan's gambit video ever made!

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