Chess Openings don’t matter if you know this…

Bobby BoJanglles faces the Albin Countergambit and makes an epic comeback just to show you that opening theory doesn’t matter.
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  1. The doubletake when you said fettuccini your bishop 😂😂

  2. found your channel from one of your shorts ‘chess opening’ video. went to look for a longer format video. watched this entire video. +1 sub

  3. Thanks for explaining that endgame. I had the same situation against the reindeer bot and I didn’t know how to play it

  4. I love how u blundered quite a lot like a normal chess player but in the end still managed to win, we also learned somethings along the way if ever we blundered the same way

  5. I wish to play a game with you i am 1500 rated

  6. that's absolutely nuts. the music just made it better too.

  7. I love the commentary, im a beginner at chess and they are so valuable for learning intuition because of how you talk through the logic of the moves, I will watch them all

  8. Bro I'm rated 1300 but I would love to play against you maybe someday love your fire videos by the way

  9. My apologies if its a inside joke but its not fettuccini its fianchetto

  10. great thing about the chess content on youtube is that their really is someone for almost all ratings

  11. I remember you killed me once in fortnite, nice to see you adapting!

  12. PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW THE NAME OF THE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. My heart was racing the whole video. VERY GOOD CONTENT!!!

  14. Openings don't matter when your opponent blunders the midgame, thanks!

  15. gotta love when you fettuccine your bishop 😂

  16. I am stuck at 800 I bounce plus or minus 50 every couple of days and I have no idea how to push past this and you’re double my rating. I don’t get ittttt

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