Chess Openings don’t matter if you know this…

Bobby BoJanglles faces the Albin Countergambit and makes an epic comeback just to show you that opening theory doesn’t matter.
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  1. This is good if you are versing somebody bad ngl

  2. Thanks for the breakdown. I think this is more helpful for me than higher rated players explaining their 200 IQ play.

  3. Great music choice and very straight forward explanations. I could watch this type of content or hours

  4. There is no way that Fianchetto is pronounced Fettuccine haha. Great video!

  5. These types of videos are great insight, especially because it shows botb sides opportunities and not one sided gm level play

  6. you have to know this "focus" heres the moves it starts with

  7. you almost fell victim to his gameplan…

    1) I don't accept gambits…I will play cxd5 all day…and get pinned from every direction rather than accept the gambit and be at the mercy of their tactics and traps.
    2) I dislike the split center pawns… I feel like it completely undermines the power of Queen's gambit
    3) my two pawns will stay together until they wreak havoc on black's central structure and strategies

  8. Where do you get your music? It sounds great. Thanks for the video.

  9. 4:38 instead of the queen trade, what if white played Qd3+ with an eye on the a8 square

  10. Several useful tips in one video, great 👍

  11. This is my first year playing chess I got into it 2 months ago I’m currently 800 pushing for 1200 you will definitely reach 1700 bro you got tbisb

  12. THANK YOU so much for teaching us that endgame trick!

  13. I wonder if white would have won faster by moving to E3 in the 4th move (Lasker defense) to the Albin.

  14. I think if the king didn't take the g4 pawn he would have gotten a draw

  15. As a beginner who is trying to learn the strategy and decision making, this was great! 👏🏽

  16. Yummy analysis. I especially like the fettuccine method.

  17. i LOVED this video it was very informative. i would love to see more of your thought process whilst playing

  18. I like the commentary videos, really helpful insights

  19. The commentary and the content is great🫡

  20. I’d love to fettuccine my bishop, especially with a little grilled chicken

  21. Good stuff. As a beginner (ELO 460 currently) I like to know why the best move is the best move, why it’s better than the good move for example). Only blunders have a clear reason because the consequence is usually swift and painful. I feel like this style videos would help us better recognize these moves and please keep pointing them out and explaining the reasons. Thanks mate!

  22. You have to know this 🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯

  23. Does anyone know the name of the song at the start

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