Chess Openings: Chessbrah Queen Sac Englund Gambit – Unbeatable??

How Can I Lose?!

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Chess International Master and FIDE Senior Trainer, Miodrag Perunovic.


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  1. 0:56 could you have played be6 pinning the knight to the rook? Havent finished the video yet.

  2. This is like every game I play lol… winning winning winning one sus move CRUSHED lol. Chess is brutal

  3. Such a beautiful game….. and then you turned into me for 1 move 😂. Fantastic game Miodrag!

  4. We all know what this means: Covid has to stop, so Mio can drink a Whiskey with Aman and Eric. Then Mio gives their subscribers a lesson, what it means to get butchered!

  5. The pain, but fantastic game until the last move!

  6. U potrazi sam za šahovskim knjigama na "našem" jeziku, pa me zanimaju koje sve knjige preporučate.

    Naišao sam na

    Cvetnić – "Šah i kako lako naučiti igrati","Šah u 100 lekcija", "Viša škola šaha"

    Jovičić – "Najkraći put do majstorstva 1-4"

    Mala Šahovska biblioteka 1-40

    Mirković – "Škola šaha 1-5"

    Tako da mi je teško odabrati neku, jer su šture informacije na internetu. Znam da postoji mnoštvo knjiga na engleskom, ali više preferiram "naški" zbog djeteta.

  7. Même les champions peuvent se tromper…pas seulement nous les normaux humains

  8. I can understand your feeling Mio because some pepole play chess from their heart😊

  9. That was an impressive game, I 've been playing the Englund a lot recently — have to try this gambit!

  10. Koji bog ladno se izvukao hahahahaha

  11. It's so comforting to see that endings like this happen to good players, like yourself, as it happens to us lesser rated players so often.

  12. Hahah you’re good endure this loss. Great game Mio! It’s a pity for loss on the end.

  13. Fantastic won game that lost! I can not wait for your responses against d4 lectures, Thanks.

  14. Chess is cruel, you dominated that game and one hasty queening move was enough to spoil all the beauty of maybe 50 previous nice moves! So cruel

  15. That was played really fantastic and I really understand what's going on inside you. To make a blunder so short before victory would kill everybody's heart and mind especially all who play with such heartblood like you.
    For me it was a fantastic match from you!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍

  16. It hurts even though it's not my game. Good job on keeping your cool and not flipping the table 😀

  17. This is why I don't play without increment – too much blunder opportunities

  18. Ce match est une incroyable leçon…il ne faut JAMAIS abandonner!!! Même quand tout semble perdu!

  19. Undefeated … that is, until your opponent knows how to punish your mistakes. After 1 d4 e5 2 dxe5 Nc6 3 Nf3 Qe7 how do you answer 4 Bg5 ?

  20. Omfgg that hurts wow! I would have been so heated lol

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