Chess Openings: Caro Kann – Goldman Gambit!!

Chess Opening:
Caro Kann – Goldman variation:

1.e4 c6
2.Nc3 d5
0:00 Intro
1:08 3…d4
7:55 3…e6
9:45 3…Nf6
12:50 dxe4

Chess International Master and FIDE Senior Trainer, Miodrag Perunovic.

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  1. I never expected to find a video on this variation. I played this variation in a blitz tournament way back in 2015 against a CM rated 2071 at the time and drew the game. I was unrated at the time but I got a rating of 1476 in classical later in the year. In the end of the said game, the endgame was a K+R vs K but I ran out of time. It was a very special moment.

  2. I love the Goldman variation! There are all these new Caro-Kann players out there because Gotham recommends it and they fold like lawn chairs when you play the Goldman.

  3. I'm finally getting to the level where Mio's videos help me. Gotta watch more of these lines.

  4. Kume, ovlazi boraniju! 💪💪💪👊👊👊

  5. to ti ja isto igram več od prosle godine, da navucem pozicije koje nisu baš očekivane od crnog koji zeli igrati pozicijski 🙂

  6. Q for Butcher fans – has anyone tried Chessable? Does it have useful feature?

  7. Nice, I'm always looking for tricky lines against the Caro! Thanks for this analysis.

  8. Hey Miodrag it's your friend Toph! I hate playing against the Caro Kann and always get some really boring games so I'm going to learn these lines and start using this Goldman Attack. Great video man, cheers!

  9. I believe the swedish variation: 1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 dxe4 4.Nxe4 Bf5 5.Nc5!? also has something going for it. It's not trivial for black to equalise and it has surprise value aswell.

  10. thanks for the video, not much information about this opening around

  11. I'm excited to watch this video as my reply to carocann is the hill Billy attack and I'm liking it but not sure it's solid

  12. Thank you for lessons they're very stimulating!

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