Chess Openings: Budapest Gambit

For those players that love chess gambits, the budapest gambit is a must for your toolbox. From early on, black takes white out of normal book lines for common openings and forces them into unfamiliar territory for many. White has to always look out for traps that black can throw at him.

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  1. Ng4 is always better for Black. It creates more pressure on e5 pawn.


  2. Can you please make a video that shows the potential of the Fajarowicz variation of the Budapest gambit? Its a very useful option for anyones repertoire as most players will very familiar with Ng4 variation.

  3. This doesn't work! I tried it and got creamed when white moved his queen to d5.

  4. Dont get it why this guy said black has completely fine game after
    1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e5 3. dxe5 Ng4 4. Bf4 Nc6 5. Nf3 Bb4+ 6. Nbd2 Qe7 7. a3 Ngxe5
    8. Nxe5 Nxe5 9. e3 Bxd2+ 10. Qxd2
    that is not completely true ,practice has shown that white has an advantage here and
    black will only play for a draw,

  5. Why does black have to take on d2??
    Why can't he play Bd6 and fiachetto the other bishop?
    Obviously white has to castle short meaning blacks light square bishop will be aiming straight at white's king.

  6. 4:41 what happens if the opponent plays pawn e4 instead of e3?

  7. very often, you say 'black' when you mean white

  8. wait, couldn't black bishop go to b4 at 0:58?

  9. ops nvm i should watch the video then comment

  10. At 00:41, most of my opponents (low level) will do Pf3 (to put my knight in danger). Why is this not an option? Or am I missing out on something…

  11. Good video, as usual. However, at 4:46, you recommend Bxd2 after White threatens a3xB. This is indeed the main line, and has been played by many GMs, but leads to a poor position for Black. Timothy Taylor's recommendation in "The Budapest Gambit" on p. 154 is much better … Ng6!. Now, if a3xB, then NxB because pawn still pinned to K. Then, after Bg3, Black has Bd6! This way, Black does not give up bishop pair without compensation in a position where bishops can run all over the board. 

  12. Is there a possibility to decline the gambit?
    I tried it with d5 and lost in a horrible way.

  13. I'm choosing between gruenfeld and this, which one will be better?

  14. At the setup for 8:18 instead of Bf1 Be2 I've done really crazy things like Qd5 and found it quite easy to put black back onto the defensive.

  15. I'll be sure to use this if this combination ever comes up lol

  16. Kevin your website is so helpful, thanks man.

  17. instead if he play nf3 instead f4 6:57 wat shall we do we cant pressurise that e5 pawn????

  18. After you move knight to g4 why wouldnt white move pawn to h3 attacking black knight.. seems more logical.

  19. What happens if when you move the bishop to b4 to get the king in check, but instead of white blocking with the knight. White blocks it with the bishop? When white moves the bishop to block. They're also protecting it with the knight.

  20. I am 14…I started to watch these videos when I was 10. Thanks to this website and My Father I'm pro at chess !!

  21. At 3:27 why can't black use knight to d3 for checkmate unless the white pawn take the bishop at b4?

  22. isn't this the smothered checkmate

  23. What if in the beginning white doesn't eat black's e5 pawn?

  24. is this an opening for white or black?

  25. Alekhine variation is the most agresive. I something play as white e4 and f4 and I never want to be black. White goes mating black… And White has a very good practical chances give mate. Chucky play this line. And Chucky is Chuck Norris in chess

  26. black could have checkmated with the queen don't listen to the chess hustler guys. move on

  27. Moahaha! Thx Kev!! The smothered mate worked for me and I beat a guy in 9 (!) moves!!! I had been watching Mamedyarov games and I read about him on Wikipedia. He is famous for alekhine defence and of course Budapest gambit. I allways check ur vids bcoz u tell the right stuff. Thx sir!

  28. my fav opening nf6 aganist white d4,coz i hate d4, if E4 is ok for normal reaction i won lots of game with nf6, it helps quick develop and control center, begginer choose d4 that s why i dont know, if u want to learn attack always E4 after all opening will be easy

  29. I was looking for the line where Black plays p-f6. You may want to take your analysis a deep deeper.

  30. why not qd4!!! you can hold on the pawn right??

  31. If you could talk louder than I would be happier

  32. Actually a fourth variation often played was 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e5 3. dxe5 Ng4 and then 3. e6 fxe6 giving back the pawn immediately.

  33. Ah maaaaan, I woulda fell for that smothered mate so hard!

  34. Sometimes if white gives extra moves, I get into some mirrored version of the tennison gambit hahah

  35. Video is awesome dude , thanks a lot.! But y aee the sound levels so low?

  36. What happened if instead of playing second move pawn to e4 he play knight to f3

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