Chess Openings: Budapest Gambit

For those players that love chess gambits, the budapest gambit is a must for your toolbox. From early on, black takes white out of normal book lines for common openings and forces them into unfamiliar territory for many. White has to always look out for traps that black can throw at him.

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  1. it's not "the double pair bishop" – it's 'the bishop pair'

  2. I Just played the buddapest and dude fell for every single trap.. dude, it was so funny.. jajajaja

  3. wtf iam watching this after 10 years
    ia m from the future

  4. After king sides castle you should take the whites white squared bishop otherwise its hard to attack on white this gambit you need to focus on whites white bishop

  5. Hey Kevin
    What if in the beginning he doesnt take on e5?
    How should black continue?

  6. This video was uploaded when I was 10 years and 2 days old.I'm stuck in a pandemic and life sucks.I know you didn't ask but I thought you should know

  7. What about Budapest Gambit declined with e3 ?

  8. Is it true that a lot of GM dont like this opening?

  9. that checkmate with the knight was so clean

  10. He said not to move the pawn because then you can get checkmark with ur knight. But that's not true. He white could've just used the pawn in front of queen to take out the knight.

  11. Yea but nobody really plays pawn d4, c4 in the start :/ but who knows maybe I’ll see it some day

  12. This would be cool if I played opponents who could see the logical moves that this counters

  13. Umm am i stupid but i think you went way to fast i could not keep track

  14. The Grand Budapest Hotel

  15. 3:16 why is this checkmate? He can take your horse. Im learning chess sio pls explain

  16. bro nobody would play a3 before castling below 1600

  17. In the final position can white play Qd5 and force d6 blocking the rook?

  18. I just realized that when we say "before"
    We're actually naming a chess move, you know: b4

  19. I just mouse slipped into a Budapest and liked the results. Shame I didn’t know the trap, that would’ve been funny

  20. at 2:25 .. Instead of white moving pawn to A3, the bettere option for white is to move bishop to G5 (Bg5).. attacking the queen.

  21. Since spring yo e4 was bad, why dont you explain every else bad moves? Or is it best to rember best move?

  22. Nice video, thanks! But it would be better if u didn't assume the players are male.

  23. I was disappointed with the inadequate attention he gave to the 4 e4 variation .I think that analysis covered the first 3 moves. To play against this line you need to go a lot further. It gives me the impression he is very unsure of how to play this line. The rest of the video gives you a start but I think you will need to study it more deeply to get consistent results.

  24. that rook lift at 9:00 is also a great strategy to get that rook involved

  25. I just saw this for the first time, I had no idea what to do lol. I actually seem to have done ok

  26. I just fell for a Nd3 as white, that's why I'm here lol. Won't happen again!

  27. Very good video, but when you were presenting the rook lift, I didn't think that this will always work. If black open the dark square bishop's diagonal, all the attack is destroyed

  28. i dont understand why attacking the black horse with the white h pawn is bad after white guards the white e pawn once

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