Chess Openings- Albin Counter Gambit

In the Albin Counter Gambit, black aggressively tries to undermine the center control of white’s opening of the queen’s gambit line. If white is not careful he can fall into man traps, including the Lasker Trap which has an underpromotion as early as move 7. With correct play white can keep his advantage in the Albin Counter Gambit but if white is not well versed in this opening then black can not only equalize but have a winning game.

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  1. cant the king just take the f2 pawn?

  2. Anyone else here after watching Netflix's The Queens Gambit?? :))

  3. just won a game using this , not knowing what it was called, so I had to see what it was lmao

  4. Harmon won against Borgov's Albin Countergambit in the final game…
    just sayin'

  5. 7:30 after Ke1, Qd4+, Kd2, Nc6 (attacking bishop on b4), I still don't see how black is winning. Black can go Bc3, while Black's knight on g1 is trapped and cannot go anywhere. White is basically down 3 points but can recapture black's knight at any time (making it an even game)? I guess at most we could say that white's king is exposed but that's the only advantage I can see for black.

  6. every time i play this against my opponents they pause for a hot second before playing their next move XD

  7. 7:15 why wouldn’t the king just take the pawn preventing the knight from being took.

  8. WTF promote to a knight and check??!! Now I am a big fan of this opening~

  9. Watch the video at x1.5 speed to make it bearable

  10. At 7:12 Why wouldn't the black king just eat the pawn? Or the black rook eat the knight?

  11. on 7:15 why cant the king just take the pawn? i dont see it being protected

  12. 7:18 or just promote to a queen, after rook takes it, then Bg4 wins enemy queen

  13. Hi, thank you for this video! At 4:22, what if after dxc4, white plays d5 instead of dxe5?

  14. At 8:55 why doesn’t Black’s bishop take the open pawn?

  15. There's too much 5+ years ago comments. I guess people don't like chess anymore.

  16. Why won't the queen take pawn at f2?

  17. If you could expand the chess board to ten space across , and create an entirely new piece , what would you call it and how would it move !!!!????

  18. Why under promote to a knight? Why not immediately go for the Queen skewer?

  19. Someone tried to play this against me but they didn't know how to play it lmao

  20. @the chess website really like to say "simply"

  21. I have not had good results with this opening.

  22. @thechesswebsite Hi! Great video, the thing that I don't understand is why the white king doesn't take the pawn. Please, would you explain it to me! Thanks a lot

  23. When black pawn advances to f7, why doesn't the king simply take the pawn? Or when the pawn underpromotes to a knight, why doesn't the rook just take it?

  24. Why would white King move to 2nd rank: it would simply capture the white pawn threatening it.

  25. Around 7:14 – why doesn’t the king kill the pawn on f2 instead of just moving?

  26. Even if this tutorial is so old it managed to teach me so much about this countergambit

  27. you talk too much, making it so boring

  28. Instead of focusing on what people might be looking for, you opt to talk about the absoluetly irrelevant lines for 90% of the video

  29. Why does the king not take the pawn when in check?

  30. Now we need the Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine Variation.

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