Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast | Greco Gambit Traps, Moves, Strategies & Ideas

Here are some amazing chess opening tricks & traps in the Greco Gambit. In this video, we will cover some common opening variations & tactics for both white & black pieces in the Greco Gambit variation. This is an interesting opening & a good one to try on the chessboard, especially in Blitz or Bullet chess games. You will also learn how to counter this opening as black when someone tries this opening against you. These opening tricks will help you to win fast against your friends & other players who have not seen this before. We also have a Surprise GIVEAWAY by Unacademy. All you need to do is solve the puzzle in this video & 5 lucky winners can win 3 Months Chess Subscription of Unacademy.

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Video Timestamps:
0:00 Greco Gambit: Introduction & Setup
1:59 Greco Gambit – Opening Traps for White
3:23 Bishop a3 – Best move with common variations
4:59 Best Defense for Black – Main Strategy & Ideas
6:06 Unacademy Giveaway – Chess Puzzle

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  1. whats your software please? can i have it?

  2. Qg5 fxQg5
    Kh6 check Kh8
    Bb2 check Rf6
    BxRf6 #
    Am I right?

  3. i was played like this;
    Opponent plays a different piece

    Me – okay, now what? I'm gone xD

  4. 1:06 black could've moved his knight to d6 correct me if I'm wrong.


  6. Hello chess talk,
    I have a question that at 4:42 why can't black play Bb6 instead of playing Bd7?

  7. The answer to this puzzle is:knight to H5,knight takes rook, Knight moves to E5,queen moves to C3, queen takes the pawn on F5 and it is a checkmate.

  8. Another possibility is : queen to G5, knight to H5,queen to G8 and it is a checkmate.

  9. Queen moves to 6H and then takes the rock making a checkmate. King cannot take the king as the knight is defending it.

  10. Qg5+ if fxg5 , Nh6+ Kh8, Bb2 Rf6, BxR+#
    Qg5+ if Kf7, Qg7+, Ke8 Q57+#
    Qg5+ if Kh8, Qg7+#

  11. Hello Jeetendra Advani I am you biggest fan! I liked, I rang the bell and subscribed to all your videos!

  12. 1)Qg5+ pawn×g5 2)knight h6+ king h8 3) bishop b2#

  13. 1 Qg5+ White Has a mate on g7 So forced move to Take Queen fxg5 Then Nh6+ Black King Has forced to go in H8 Then Bb2+ Black Has no option accept Rf6 Then Bxf6 is a Beautiful Checkmate

  14. queen g5 if he goes for kh8 – qg7 checkmate if pawn capture queen then nh6 check kh8 bb2 rf6 checkmate

  15. Ap na thora sa slow talk karne se bohut acha hota

  16. Answer of puzzle =Qg5+ black=f xQ white=Nh6+ black =Kh8 white=Bb2+ black=Rf6 white =BxR#

  17. Legend has it I once won a game with only a bishop and knight.👀

  18. Give check with the knight. The king will corner.Then move your dark bishop up to pin the pawn. Then you kill the other pawn with the Queen. Then using your Queen kill the other pawn too. Then after black moves his Rook you kill the other pawn which pinned to the black king. That is the answer for the puzzle.

  19. my solution to the puzzle
    1. Qg5+ – pxg5 (queen sacrifice)
    2. Nh6+ – Kh8 (cornering the King)
    3. Bb2+ – Rf6 (prepare checkmate)
    4. Bf6++

  20. Puzzle solution..

    Queen to G5 check
    Black will take the queen from Pawn G5
    Next Knight to H6 check
    Black has only one legal move that is H8
    Then Bishop to B2 check, Black will shake hand and leave the game.🇮🇳

  21. Please give the chess notation for each game.

  22. 1:09 can you not move black horse to g5 to prevent the attack and the checkmate

  23. 2:44 i would pick the bishop forst then pawn takes it and then the horse can attack queen

  24. I'm so happy I found this channel, it is so rare to find someone who explains chess this well

  25. How many people here agree that knight is important in attacking games.

  26. Knight to e7 then the king(black) will have only one possible move .i.e. h8. Then,bishop to b2 so, then white makes a move where it wants because as blacks queen cannot attack bishop on b2 i can continue to finish the game after white's move i will take my bishop to f6. Where the game finishes! Check and mate!😁
    Hope you like my answer
    1. Ke7 any pieces
    2. Bb2 any pieces
    3. Bf6 – checkmate!

  27. We beginners would really like it if you explain the chessboard to use, and the pattern in it. Also how to trick people

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