Chess lesson # 51: Best Opening for Black | Chess openings the right way | The Czech Pirc Defense

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This opening has been in my repertoire since the beginning of my Chess career and I still use it at the master level. The Czech Pirc Defense definitely helped me become a National Master and today I enjoy sharing it with my students. I think you should learn it now for many reasons. It is solid and offers good chances for Black. It is easy to learn and master. This opening works against anything the white pieces play. It includes a trap in the first few moves. Finally, I think that if you learn it well, you will always have the upper hand since many players are not familiar with it. People study how to deal with other popular openings such as the Sicilian defense, the French defense, etc. However, playing the Czech Pirc is like bringing your enemy to your territory. Have fun, learn it well, use it, and let me know how it goes!

00:00 Intro
00:40 What you should play this and only this opening for Black
03:20 Opening theory and main plans
17:49 Coach Robert plays first blitz game using the Czech Pirc Defense
22:40 Coach Robert plays second blitz game using the Czech Pirc Defense

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Learn how to play Chess the right way from beginner to master level. National Master Robert Ramirez will take you up the pyramid by following a proven Chess training program he has been improving and implementing for over 10 years.

Benefits of Playing Chess:
​- Promotes brain growth
– Increases problem-solving skills
– It exercises both sides of the brain
– Raises your IQ
– Sparks your creativity
– Teaches planning and foresight
– Teaches patience and concentration
– Optimizes memory improvement
– Improves recovery from stroke or disability
– Helps treat ADHD
Chess is an intellectual battle where players are exposed to numerous mental processes such as analysis, attention to detail, synthesis, concentration, planning and foresight. Psychological factors are also present on and off the board; playing Chess stimulates our imagination and creativity. Every single move a player makes is the result of a deep analysis based on the elements presented on the battlefield.

Chess in its essence teaches us psychological, sociological and even moral values. In a Chess game, both players start with the same amount of material and time. The fact that the white pieces move first is considered to be practically irrelevant —especially because a player typically plays one game as white and one game as black. Consequently, the final result of the battle solely depends on each player. It doesn’t matter if you win by taking advantage of your opponent’s mistakes or by simply avoiding mistakes yourself. Truth is that Chess is an extremely individual sport and our defeats can only be blamed on ourselves and no one else. And this, in the end, only benefits us because we learn to be and feel responsible for our actions and never come up with excuses to justify ourselves.

We also learn that when it comes to our victories on the board, our opponent’s mistakes play a more significant role than our own skills. Let’s not forget that a Chess game without any mistakes would be a draw. This way, Chess provides us with another valuable life lesson: be humble at all times.

About National Master Robert Ramirez:

With an outstanding background as a professional Chess player and over 8 years of teaching experience, Robert Ramirez brings both his passion and his expertise to the board, helping you believe & achieve!

Robert Ramirez was introduced to the fascinating world of Chess when he was 5 years old and has participated in prestigious tournaments such as the World Open Chess Tournament and the Pan American Intercollegiate Team Championships. Thanks to his performance, he has earned his National Master title from the United States Chess Federation.

Currently, NM Ramirez and his carefully selected team teach at several private schools in the counties of Miami-Dade and Broward and they also offer private lessons. He says the key to their success as Chess coaches is their ability to adapt to every student and to make lessons fun and interesting for students and even their family members.


  1. Looks like this doesn't work if the opponent proceeds to e5 instead of developing the bishops ???

  2. Hi Sir, I'm new to chess and have always struggled to play as black, because I normally just know about the e4 or d4 opening, but I'll definitely try this. Like how you explain the reason behind each move. I'd like to request more openings videos- also explaing the reason behind piece moves please. Thanks so much for your effort and time

  3. I did 9 games and lost 9 games in a row copy the exact same shit as you im reporting this content

  4. Man your videos are awesome and I found a new love for chess!!

  5. I have never achieved so much clarity in chess understanding until I do today. You are an incredibly gifted teacher who converted this bumbling fool of a chess enthusiast into an actual strategic player. No amount of thanks is enough for what you do. You deserve every good thing that happens to you, my friend. I'm going to recommend you to all my friends who are starting to learn chess. Absolutely incredible instructionals.

  6. I haven't seen anything like this in youtube content l! Thanks a ton buddy 💙

  7. I originally came to this channel for this lesson because I was looking for a good and easy to learn opening for black. I haven't regretted it for a moment. I liked this video so much, I decided to start from the beginning and now, but 51 lessons later I'm here again and I've learned so much. Thanks again coach!

  8. I watcher this video yesterday and started playing the Pirc and have gone up 250 rating points in one day. Thank you so much!!! I really needed a good black opening. I 'm subscribed now and will be watching all you videos. Also you're a great teacher! I hope you are making good money giving private chess lessons

  9. I've been looking everywhere for a 1. e4 response that I'm satisfied with, and this looks very interesting, I'll have to try it out!

  10. i knew very few black openings first but this one was great to learn . also very nicely explained. i have won last 3 games with black using this opening

  11. Like your attitude towards playing chess! You give good instructions and keep it upbeat and fun. When you played the blitz games you authentically mentioned when there was a surprise or a threat but you clearly kept your cool and considered them challenges. I decided to try the Pirc defense and I won! Just like you have been saying, this gets you into a good position through the opening, and then go and play chess.

  12. Good Video I will utilize this opening maybe it will help me offset some of the aggressive moves my opponents make Gracias Happy New Year 🤩♟️💯☮️

  13. One thing I can say I like your opening but in a game when your Queen pins that knight 9 times out of 10 they will bring their Bishop out

  14. @ 5:17 if white bishop moves to d2 i then move queen to c7. what do i do if white moves pawn to e5 . im new rating 700 . taking with the pawn or moving the knight feels bad

  15. Does this opening work against the kings gambit as well? Awesome vid!

  16. Been using this for months and went from 700 to 1000 in rapid, highly recommend

  17. Hi, I have a question about this system.
    What's the best moves against 1. e4 d6 2.nf2 nf6 3.e5? What's next?

  18. So should I play regular pirc defense or this one?

  19. Great job with this introduction to a simple and elegant system. The two games at the end compliment the theory very well! Bravo and thank you!

  20. i float around 16-1700 online lately and mostly train tactics/endgames. just been playing the sicilian without knowing much theory and some games i get totally blown out with it. usually feel passive/exposed when playing it. definitely will be trying this now.

  21. Every time you repeat the joke it gets funnier says:

    I always do well from the opening to the later middle game but I can never find those crucial (normally Knight) moves that you find that secure the game

  22. Thk you for explaining why pieces move and sticking to a system when things do not go as planned…..I have learned so much watching you videos….thk you again, I know a little bit about HOW to play now…..

  23. What if they do pawn e4 to e5 after knights come out? Move 9

  24. Sehr geehrter Herr Ramirez !
    Habe als Anfänger im Schachclub mit Schwarz fast alle Partien verloren.
    Dank Ihrem didaktisch hervorragend gestalteten Video habe ich jetzt schon einige nacheinander !
    gewonnen. Herzlichen Dank !

  25. 99% of the times i get something like this… 1. e4 d6 2. d4 Nf6 3. Nc3 c6 4. Nf3 Qa5 5. Bd2 😒 So my only option is to go with someting like e5 6. dxe5 dxe5 7. Bc4 Qc5 8. Qe2 b5 9. Bb3 h6 10. Rd1 ( O-O-O) 🤬 And after that im just wasting time so my oponent makes a mistake… I admite that i play mostly with bots but even with 800 elo bot its too difficult for me to go on from there without any help

  26. This opening, no exaggeration, gained me 100 ELO almost overnight. Thank you NM Ramirez!

  27. Your lessons are so good that suddenly I became interested in the Pirc! I even browsed some books about it. I am a Sicilian (especially the Dragon) player, but learning something new is always good. My age doesn't allow me to memorize novelties, branches, variations, etc. I have been studying the Hippo with black and white and have played, with success, only once OTB. The Pirc has not a very good reputation but we are not Magnus and it is playable at lower levels. I am from Brazil and here some guys here use to say that the Pirc is a "pircaria" – a pun in Portuguese (rubbish in English) but I am going to try it after watching your videos and, of course, playing blitz on the internet. You are a great teacher, better than many GMs. A few years ago I had the opportunity to have some classes with Neuris Delgado (a Cuban GM, over 2600, who lives here) but discontinued because he is very busy with tournaments.

  28. It's not an exaggeration this opening works for both black and white. It sets you up so well, develop, play chess, and the resignations roll in.

  29. Just finding this video now. Great instruction. Does this system have a name?

  30. Thanks for this. I deff will try out this strategy.

  31. Great video, and very good substance. This is exactly what i was looking for to be more aggressive with black. I appreciate it, from a fellow latino.

  32. what if the second move for white is Pawn F4?

  33. Thanks bro! System approach is key in anything!

  34. The 2nd game was completely different than the video.. and 1st game wasn't great either.

  35. If Simply he does not play two pawns in the center right away?

  36. I started at 600 and now now am at 1200+ and i usually watch 1 lesson per week other time i just play cuz i beleive the more you play the better u get

  37. My biggest problem is trying to make my mind up on what to play. I keep moving backwards and forwards between different openings and getting bogged down. This Czech Pirc is the one for me I think, especially as you can also play it with white. A universal opening that allows me to not get stuck on the opening and move on to the middle and end games. All your playlists are excellent. Thankyou Robert. Keep up the good work!

  38. Hello, i was just wondering. at timestamp 9:25 isnt it stronger for black to play exd4 instead of O-O, or does it run into complications? I find this opening really interesting, not so easy for white to play after e5 on my level.

  39. If you take the free pawn where would you put the knight after? Would you move it back to your original square ?

  40. This is brilliant! I've played your opening for white system for 3 weeks and it is a winner, so I googled 'Best opening for black Robert Ramirez' which lead me to this video. I've played 6 games as black using this system so far and it is an absolute game changer for me. Now I'm confident I have a good opening in either colour. Thank you so much for both incredibly valuable lessons.

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