Chess Gambits. Mysterious From’s Gambit. Kill birds 🐦 opening in style 😎

Mysterious From’s Gambit

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  1. I don’t know many people who bother playing c5 in this position since the Staunton gambit isn’t really available with the d pawn gone lmao. Most will probably play d4, so this will likely be fairly inconsistent.Edit: and this is not even mentioning that most will play Nf3, breaking the entire set up

  2. Opponent is not fool that he will use her queen

  3. 1) Henry Bird not bird
    2) c4 is bad move
    3) e5 is dubious but playable

  4. कुँवर Jitendra Rajawat, रेण says:

    Only a fool play c4 here,
    what's the point here.

  5. Those emojis might be the cringiest things I've ever seen in a long time.

  6. Nice one, we can actually use the same line but with different strategies

  7. Imagine we sacrificed our queen and opponent played a different move then?

  8. Always make room for your king to move first.

  9. Here, a pretty good line for black is also 1. f4 e5 2. exf5 qh4+ 3. g3 be7, which lays a trap, and if white plays gxh4, then bxh4#
    If after e5 they play g3, then exf4, and they can't take back because when gxf4 qh4#, so you just win a pawn

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