Chess Gambits be like



According to various sources, noot noot is a popular meme that shows a birb noot nooting…


  1. Ah yes, the Intecontentinental Ballistic Missile Gambit from the black side.

  2. Can smone explain me what happens after this .. exactly?
    Cz I'm…. Dumb at chess

  3. multi continental anti tank heat seeking missile fuck the peasants variation

  4. Tbh, that is the exact feeling I get when the queen gets taken out of nowhere

  5. Ah yes, the classic intercontinental ballistic missile gambit

  6. You absolute buffoon, you have blundered this video by not using Yoshi's mlem sound with that song.

  7. Bro I had a stuffy nose but when the queen got captured I laughed so hard that the snot literally flew out of my nose, luckily I was alone but still there ain’t no way chess made me laugh that hard 💀

  8. alternate title: Reversed Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

  9. White : SHE'S IN THE WALLS

  10. He kinda would've won if he took the bishop next to her tho

  11. Known as the ICBM gambit in case anyone wants to study further

  12. Bruh, chess is so popular in our school that I'm starting to show them memes in chess. Which made my day!!

  13. Plot twist white doesn't use queens

  14. Now that we have sacrificed the bishop. The next move is obvious. We can now launch an RT-2PM2 Topol-M cold-launched three stage solid-propellant silo-based InterContinental Ballistic Missile to attack whites remaining pieces

  15. Two pieces and two pawns for a queen, it's not completely losing actually

  16. That would’ve ended in checkmate if the dark bishop didn’t die so its just a really free queen kill

  17. player : i am now a 1200 no more wayward queen attack and no obvious stupid gambits
    1200s : sir, this is the territory of gambit users, stop playing chess right now


  19. Couldn’t white just move next to the rook?

  20. I love the ICBM because pretty much 5 of those 6 pieces on the right are FUBAR. Queen takes C1, Knight goes A3, Queen takes B2(creating a fork), takes the piece white doesn't dodge, and cleans up the other pawns. White would be slammed by this move, and wouldn't have many viable options to stopping a second queen from spawning.

  21. As a person who plays chess, This is true.

  22. The "I should have seen that coming. How could I be so stupid" Gambit.

  23. Queen

    The enderman.Randomly teleports around the map sniping pawns out of existance.

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