Chess Gambits be like


According to various sources, noot noot is a popular meme that shows a birb noot nooting…

Englund Gambit

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  1. I fell for this once but won the game anyways

  2. Missed oppurtunity for the pawn to take out the queen

  3. i aint gonna sacrifice a bishop, knight, and 2 pawns for a queen 💀

  4. keep in mind that this trap is risky, cuz it can be refuted in one move with Bd2 Nd2 or Nc3 and you could be down a pawn

  5. Intercontinental Balestic missile🧐Love from India 😘🇮🇳

  6. I remember the first time I played chess online someone did this to me. Pissed me off fr

  7. Why are people so mad about this? Yall gonna complain on every chess video now because every move has probably been played before therefore its a copy?

  8. Nah this aint the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit its the intercontinental goofy missile gambit

  9. bro i got a chess advert right before this

  10. what is the description and btw why dont you do the noot noot instead of just the thumbnail

  11. I just played this on my first game and the opponent fell for every single one!! He resigned right after I took his rook (he moved knight)

  12. pov: they go e4 you go Qxc1 then they go Bb5 and win the queen back

  13. interplanetary ballistic missile variation (ipbm)

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