Chess Gambit Buster – 1 (Nakhmanson Gambit)

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  1. Sir, please make video on different chess opening and it variation, trick & traps..

  2. Baaam!! Gj is back with Nakmhson Gambit!! Sac.. Sac.. Sacrifice!

  3. Nxc3 is much easier then Nd6… you get a pawn like in one of your variations 6:53 but no opposite coulored bishops

  4. Hi Gunjan, thanks for showing this option. However engine option of capturing Knight piece with Knight is also works. I have simulated with the Stockfish engine. Isnt that worked as well??

  5. Endlich mal ein Video für Schwarz in der Variante. Die anfängliche Euphorie sollte sich bald gelegt haben… Thx GJ !

  6. To refute the Gambit you must accepted it.

    Analysis must begin after d*c3

    This is nakhminson Gambit declined.

  7. Even if the pawn take the knight, still black can win by getting his queen out. I have checked many times with computer vs computer from the point pawn takes the knight,, and always black wins

  8. One of my favorite chess YouTubers, face of my favorite chess club, shares a new gambit he likes

    My literal favorite chess YouTuber shares a refutation to the gambit


  9. Schrantz is such a coffee house patzer for popularizing this gambit, no one worth their salt is going to accept that knight over consolidating their position with a pawn or bishop pair up.

  10. तेजेंद्र गर्गे says:

    Very interesting line.
    Nice video 👍

  11. How do I refute or respond to the Danish Gambit?

  12. I like the video but title is incorrect. It should be gambit declined not refuting the gambit as you didnt move to gambit line at all. This is very good defense shown in the video but saying that it refutes the gambit is misleading.

  13. Mehn…GJ to the rescue. This is my best chess channel.

  14. Am i going mad or what, surely this is not refuting the gambit, this is declining the gambit, doesn't the Knight need to be taken for it to gambit?


  16. It's not refuting the gambit. It's is a decline. Nice decline line though.

  17. This is the declined variation. Not refuted at all. Would be nice if you could change the title to remove all confusion.

  18. Please complete lowenthal Sicilian siries

  19. Nakhmanson declined is much different from refuted, any gambit can be declined including the urusov gambit! Change it if you value quality!

  20. never you can win against nakhmanson untill you accept it ,

  21. also its equal game black as no advantage

  22. That’s why it’s good only for quick games. This is so uncommon opening and one of my favourite.

  23. If Black is not going to take the Knight on c3 with the pawn, then it is better to play Nxc3 instead of Nd6, which is the line suggested in the video, because White is still a pawn up, but has managed to avoid the opposite-colored bishops endgame which arises after Nd6.

  24. After ALL! NO MAN SON Gambit is trash, exactly what i always thought ! Specially after i saw on un names guy on you tube make a white opening tricksy move where black threatens borh rook in the corner and queen with opening up the bishop pawn on the king side! I CRUSHED some random player with that exact move! All what i got with it was 1 min of t thinking or 2 min maybe i thought he ran away but nono he was there THINKING LMAO! And i saw that line covered by an im on you tube and nowhere was that black responce mentioned 😅💪🏻 May i just remind you of one thing! (HU HU HUUUUMMM CLEARING THE THROAT so here it comes ….. IF ITS NOT PLAYED AT GRAND MASTER /Super Gm level ! T h e r e m u s t b e a r e a s o n! Get it son?….. ok take care

  25. Why play this gambit?
    You can play the morphy attack and the max lange attack

  26. @GJ_Chess How is that possible you not yet World Champ? Go try it!

  27. But you never played the gambit, you declined it.

  28. 4:41 – but aren't you gonna analyze the variation where Nxc3 ? :O

  29. Moral of this video: Don't be greedy against nakhmanson.

  30. I am disappointed… I thought you were going to cover Kf6 which should be a win for black instead of just one extra pawn and who knows if it's winning… Maybe it's just close to winning.
    Also, as others have pointed out, you have to take with the pawn to accept the gambit. After checks with the queen you have to go Kf6 and defend well.
    If you know how, you just win.
    At least I think so. Of course you have to be very well prepared. Perhaps too many lines to prepare against.

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