Checkmate Your Friends In 6 Moves

Checkmate Your Friends In 6 Moves

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  1. but my friend is magnus(˘・_・˘)

  2. Sorry, but I've NEVER seen black respond with F5 to my opening move of D4….

  3. Knights f6 stops everything bruh, do analysis before trying anything

  4. Nc6 blocks all these attacks and the bishop is gone

  5. Sadly someone who’s seen this will play knight f6 instead of pawn f4

  6. That’s why play knight f6 after d4

  7. No one ever played the dutch defense against me🤷

  8. man turned from Bobby bo jangles, to Chessscape to chess talk in one video.

  9. White king is on Black tile and black king is on White😂😂 and he is playing chess

  10. This is why you don't weaken the squares around the king

  11. "and if he is greedy" *speaks in a mouse voice*
    "You checkmate" *speaks in a bored voice*

  12. What stops you from playing e3 on the 4th move, why do you have to prolong this with Bg3?

  13. I play bird opening (similarly to dutch defence)

  14. You could have checkmated him with the queen already as soon as he threatened your bishop the third time

  15. This would only works for beggineers.. 😆😆

  16. Nobody is so stupid to lose this way !

  17. This is like somebody saying let me teach you some defense in fighting then tells me how to attack ok punch punch kick but what if he kick kick grab

  18. Just move the E pawn after h5

  19. The odds of someone playing the dutch is low

  20. If your opponent is foolish enough to play a bunch of king side pawns, he deserves to lose

  21. Can i ask a question after the bishop trap what happens if black moves the king before black can take the Bishop?

  22. He doesn't need the rook protection. All he needs is the king pawn progression

  23. I honestly do hope several of my friens who play Dutch Defense try to chase the Bishop as per video.

    It's already 3 years now..
    but I still waiting for my lucky day

  24. I love the comments. I'm not a great chess player. But I'm like the Dutch defence? Who's doing THAT!

  25. That and many other traps and losing openings with weak kingside is the reason why I see 1… f5 as a blunder itself

  26. A well developed knows not to open their king on a weak square. And this is your so-called friend. You're not a good friend for not teaching them any better

  27. Actually, bishop e2 instead of d3 is a brilliant move (stockfish review)

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