Brilliant Queen vs Queen | Chess tactics #shorts #chess


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  1. bro sacrificed the queen and you say why is it brilliant

  2. 1.Pawn A4 can be queen
    2.Pawn F7->F5(If white queen take black queen,pawn take queen and Pawn A4 safe)
    2/If white queen dont take black queen
    A)White king ->H5,Black Queen->f6 ,Checkmate
    B)White king->G5,Black Queen->F5,Check,White King->H6,Black Queen-> F6,Checkmate

  3. Para los que no saben ajedrez contexto:fue un sacrificio exelente

  4. pawn g5 forks king and queen and cant stop promotion

  5. After queen takes you have fork on f5 with a pawn and after this u have free pawn on a-line

  6. Yey its brilliant because
    Black Queen E4 (Brilliant)
    White Queen E4 takes queen (Mistake)
    Black Pawn F5 (Great move) {Fork}
    White King G3 (inaccurately)
    Black pawn E4 Takes Queen (Great Move)
    You only need is to push pawn in A4 to A1

  7. Sacrifice the queen to bring it back stronger🗿

  8. Song name: Treinamanto de forca pretty sure I butchered the first word BAD but you’ll get it

  9. It is Shakriyar Mamedyarovs online game against Alireza

  10. The pawn advances two steps, but if you eat the queen you lose one pawn

  11. I feel like this is a brilliancy u can do by accident

  12. No it's not brilliant because the black pawn Is going tò queen

  13. This moves played by shakshiyar memedev against Hikaru nakamura

  14. Queen cature e4 follow move pawn f5 queen cature f5 pawn cross f5 king to f5 pawn advance and black to win😮😮😮

  15. it because after that you can play panw f5 and fork the queen and the king and you have the best pawn for a un grade

  16. It makes the forced queen trade and the a file's pawn is unstoppable

  17. Its brilliant cuz if the queen takes u move the pawn on f7 2 steps and it will fork the king and the queen

  18. I like the edit of hikaru and magnus but not the brilliant move you lost a pawn and you cant stop the promotion

  19. If queen takes just pawn f5 and if white king to f4 takes the queen and white king takes queen and move black pawn foward to h3 and move the pawn until the end causes the king not in the box that why its brilliant

  20. If king moves u take the queen if queen takes pawn f5 fork kf4 fxe4,kxe4 ,h3,kd3,h2 and ur winning

  21. Queen takes pawn fork and white has passed pawn

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